Sunday, April 19, 2015

On Sale This Week: UNCLE SCROOGE # 1 from IDW!

Well, it's no "Surprise" to the readers of this Blog, but IDW's UNCLE SCROOGE # 1 (Traditional Numbering # 405) goes on sale this coming Wednesday - April 22, 2015!  

And, I'd like each and every one of you to welcome old Scrooge McDuck back to the comic shop shelves as enthusiastically as I will!  

Our favorite miser with a (secret) heart of gold has been absent from our comic book pull lists for far too long.  Since THIS DAY -- or, perhaps more accurately, THIS DAY.  

So, I'll see you at the comic book shop, and in the pages of IDW's UNCLE SCROOGE # 1, this Wednesday!  

Be there - and "Make it SQUARE!"   


Adel Khan said...

Hi Joe! Hope all is well. :) I visited my comic book retailer to make sure that they will order it for next week. I like, everyone here want to ensure that IDW has a victorious venture publishing the Disney comics. I can hardly wait!

Joe Torcivia said...

All is well, Adel… though, I’m happy to say I'm busy with more work on these comics!

In fact, I'm working on one RIGHT NOW, as I post this comment! Though I will break in about 15 more minutes to watch another of the final episodes of MAD MEN!

…And, the wait is getting shorter every day! I’ll enjoy discussing the first issue of UNCLE SCROOGE with all of you, right here!

Ryan Wynns said...


Two days! It's been a long time coming!

Last week, I walked into a comic shop and put in a "sub"/"pull" list. Haven't had one of those in a couple years now!

Mad Men, eh. I've watched the first season. Does this mean it's possible that we could get you into Breaking Bad?

-- Ryan

Joe Torcivia said...

Probably not, Ryan, given my impression of the subject matter. But, I’ve learned to .“never say never”!

Besides, being set in my sainted sixties, you know MAD MEN would be a natural for me.

As you also know, my once dormant pull-list revived itself with both BATMAN ‘66 and SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP – and I’ve written enough about both series on this blog to back it up.

But, there’s nothing quite like seeing UNCLE SCROOGE on my comic shop pull-list!

...And, in TWO MORE DAYS, I’ll have it!