Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It’s the Mooost Won-der-ful Tiiiime of the Year!

Yeah, that’s a Christmas song, or a bad approximation of one, but for comic book and pop culture fans in the New York City area, THIS is “the Mooost Won-der-ful Tiiiime of the Year”… 

It’s time for New York Comic-Con 2014!   This week: October 09-12.

Circumstances are such that I can’t promise as many “NYCC Moment” posts as last year, but I’m sure we’ll have some! 

And, to get you (…and ME, for that matter) in the mood for the festivities to come, here are ALL ELEVEN “NYCC Moment” posts for 2013!  …It’s just like doing the con with me!  …But not really, or very much at all! 

Hope you can all get there this year!  And, if not, go to your own local or regional comic-con.  It’s always a great (if sometimes exhausting) experience!   



joecab said...

Phooey! The date didn't work out for me this year. Here's hoping I make it again next time! Have fun Joe, and don't take any wooden Road Runner covers!

Joe Torcivia said...

Hoping you can make it next time, JoeC.

Chris Barat said...


Enjoy it! And say hello to the MLP comics folks at the IDW Hasbro panel for me!


Joe Torcivia said...

Er, um... ahh... Why, of course I will, Chris.