Thursday, July 17, 2014

King Scrooge The First!

No, we’re not reviewing this comic.  We’re just making the declaration that Scrooge McDuck *IS* “King” around here! 

But don’t take my word for it; read the thoughts of “Friend of This Blog”, and frequent TIAH Blog commenter, Adel Khan, in one of his initial Blogging efforts, HERE! 

Yeah!  RING that Bell, Scrooge!

If enough of you check it out, maybe Adel can be persuaded to post more regularly. 

…Or, he can just pass the time wistfully singing the theme from DuckTales, and avoiding the ultra-annoying Melvin X. Nickelby (who is inexplicably speaking in another language, not scripted by yours truly)!   We'd never want to see it come to THAT, would we? 
Don't you wish a "hurr-i-cane" would sweep HIM away? ...MELVIN, that is, not Adel! 


Elaine said...

OK, I tried to post a comment on Adel's blog, but I couldn't figure out how to do so--the "select profile" drop-down menu doesn't give the option of just using a "name," and being blog-ignorant I don't know what the other options entail. Any advice? Meanwhile, I saved my comment as a Word doc so I wouldn't lose it.

Joe Torcivia said...


I sent you an answer in a private e-mail. Try it, and let me know if it works.

It worked for me, as I have a comment on that post.

If not, maybe Adel can offer some additional insight, when he reads this.

Adel Khan said...

Thanks a LOAD for the blog “plug”! Not to sound narcissistic. I was raring to go with excitement as to how you would introduce it. It is very well done plug.

Was it a conscientious decision of using the cover of US #71 to introducing my blog post, because it is ironical that the antagonist of “King Scrooge The First” shares the same last name.

Now, I can relate to you with the joys of receiving a comment, and replying to it!
It definitely is the catalyst for posting regularly.

TC said...

The last time I looked at Adel's blog, the drop-down menu included "Name/URL" and "Anonymous" options. Clicking "Name/URL" allows you to post using a name (or nickname) of your choice, and the URL is optional.

On some blogs, "Anonymous" comments tend to get lost, maybe because Blogger assumes they are spam or trolling.

Joe Torcivia said...


All indications are that Elaine was able to work things out. But, we’ll see…

"Anonymous" comments don’t seem to get lost on my Blog. Think of all the great content we’d miss if they did. Still, I’m glad that you now post with a Google Account, if only to separate yourself from any of the other "Anony-mooses".

Though, I recommend “Comment Moderation” to every Blogger, to keep the spammers and trolls at bay!

Joe Torcivia said...


Honestly, the whole “Khan-thing” was a later consideration. My first thought was “King Scrooge”, and that he’s “…king around here”, and “…here’s Adel, to tell you why!”.

That’s why the post title was King Scrooge the First – NOT in quotes, because I was not referring to the story title, but to Scrooge as “king”. Subtle, eh?

Then, I recalled the name of the villain and had momentary second thoughts – but realized that, while Khan came across as a villain, he REALLY WASN’T. He actually had a certain air of “nobility” about him. Despite his outward methods, he simply didn’t want to exist in a world no longer his own. I’d imagine if I outlived comic books, DVDs, and Blogging, I might possibly feel the same way! :-) Khan was an outstanding creation by Barks, out of what I feel is an unjustly underrated period of his work.

We have a nice little community of Bloggers and Commenters here, and I’m happy to further integrate you into it!

top_cat_james said...

Off topic here, but I just noticed The Good, the Bad, and Huckleberry Hound (often mentioned on this blog) is airing on Boomerang this coming Sunday at 3/2 PM Eastern/Central time.

And who would approve more of avoiding a purchase of a copy from Warner Archives, than Scrooge McDuck? (hmm, guess not so off topic after all).

Joe Torcivia said...


Huckleberry Hound is never “Off-Topic” here! Even in his debilitated eighties state. I MUST get around to watching my Warner Archives copy of that, sometime soon. I took a quick peek at the ‘80s style H-B animation, and an equally quick listen at Daws Butler’s “late-in-career” voicing, and decided that I’d best save the experience for a time when I’m feeling more generous in my personal ratings.

I DO understand that it was quite good for the time, though. …And I STILL would have called it “Huckleberry Hound in: The Good, the Bad, and the HUCK-ly”!

And, while (King) Scrooge WOULD indeed approve of avoiding a costly Warner Archive purchase (Glad I got mine during one of their special “Five-for-Fifty” promotions, or some similar discount that required you to order ‘em by the bunch!), he would also not approve of the outrageous cable fees required to see Boomerang at all.

…Oh, wait. According to Don Rosa, Duckburg and Scrooge exist in the 1950s! …What’s “cable”?

Pan Miluś said...


Joe Torcivia said...

Sure, Pan!

All Hail King Scrooge the First!

And. while we're at it, let’s hail Adel for his Blog post!

And, what the “hail”, let’s hail everyone associated with this thread! I’m feeling generous!

Cue Snagglepuss:

“King Scrooge the First asked me to carry on for him at a jousting tournament! …That’s right, I was ‘second’ for ‘King Scrooge the First’! ...And my performance was 'third rate'! ...Exit, joustin’ and jestin’ all the way, stage left!”

Oh, I SOOOO wanna write classic Hanna-Barbera characters!