Friday, July 4, 2014

Don’t Do It, Donald!

Don't do it, Donald!

We already know it's going to end in disaster... for you! 

So, why not play it safe this July 4th Weekend by taking THIS LINK, and continue our week-long celebration of Dan Cunningham's initial post on the infamous 1991 Disney Implosion

We were TOO LATE to warn Gyro! 

...And look what happened to him! 
Think it over, Don!  Stay home and stay safe by reading Blogs! 
And, don't do what your "future self" is about to do, either!  ...Yep, disaster, again!  See a pattern here?   
That's it, just walk away, head for the nearest electronic device, and spend the 4th Blog-surfing! 
"I'm off to do some serious Blog-reading!"

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