Monday, April 7, 2014

Magilla Gorilla Meets a Killer Gorilla!

Well, actually he doesn't...

It's just a post title in the vein of such films as "Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla"...

"I understand you have a... Gorilla for Sale!"
"Uh-Oh!  That guy up there looks BATS!"

And "Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff". 

"Whatever you do, don't LOOK DOWN!"

"Personally, I find the little fellow a bit unsettling, as well!"

But, YOU, my readers, WILL meet a Killer Gorilla on Thursday, April 10, when we review the 1997 independent film "The Bloody Ape"! 

It's been too long since we've done a full-blown DVD review around here -- but we're about to "go ape" with one this week. 

Be "Bloody" here for it, won't you!   


scarecrow33 said...

Well, actually, in that issue Magilla is mistaken for a real bad dude known as Alfred the Ape, and thinking it's all a dream, he plays along with it and acts the part...later on, he encounters the real Alfred, who starts taking pot shots at everybody, so in a sense, Magilla really DOES meet up with a "killer gorilla."

When you posted that cover, it triggered a memory that something like that occurred in a Magilla Gorilla story. It turns out my memory was correct--such a story exists within the pages of this same issue, the cover of which graces the beginning of this post. It's pretty cool when you can send me digging through my comic book collection to relive memories of fun stories like this one! I also like the still pic you posted of Magilla having crashed through the window...I have that as an occasional desktop wallpaper.

Keep posting, my friend! I love these trips down memory lane...and being introduced to stuff that I missed along the way, as well!

Joe Torcivia said...

Ya, know… That’s RIGHT, Scarecrow!

…About Magilla meeting the “killer (…or, as ‘killer’ as Gold Key Comics would allow) gorilla” in that issue!

That’ll teach me to OPEN the comics I use for cover illustrations more often. And, always pleased to send someone diving back into their comics collection, or to an old movie or TV show. It’s a reaction I often have myself, when doing this.

But, I must warn you that “The Bloody Ape” is MUCH BADDER than “Alfred”, so venture in at your own risk!