Saturday, April 5, 2014

Blink and You Miss It: Archie, Edith, Gloria, Mike... and Mike?

Things are typically "ALL IN THE FAMILY" at the Bunker household, in 1971 Queens, New York.

Left to right, there's Archie, Gloria, Mike, and Edith...

But what's THAT in the upper left, hanging down to catch Archie's every word? 

We'll zoom in a littler closer...

And, a bit closer, still...

Methinks, there's more than one "mike" in this room!  And, one of 'em's more "mechanical" than "meathead"!

"Aw, geez!", as Archie would say! 

From the final scene of the ALL IN THE FAMILY Season One episode "Mike's Hippie Friends Come To Visit", SOMETHING ELSE has "come to visit", after the hippies have left! 

...But, Blink and You Miss It!


Anonymous said...

Now, now, maybe there's a logical explanation.

Maybe it was the FBI spying on Archie because they suspected he was a member of the KKK.

Or maybe the Secret Service was spying on Mike because he was on Nixon's "enemies list."

Or maybe the episode was directed by Ed Wood. :)


Joe Torcivia said...

I'd bite on ALL THREE of those, TC!

...Especially that "Nixon one"! After all, Mike DID write a letter to Nixon in the series' second episode!