Saturday, May 11, 2013

You’ll “Roo” the Day You Miss Our Next Post!

Yes, I admit it… This post exists pretty much so I can use the pun in the title!


But, I might as well add that you should reserve a nice block of time to read our “Looong”, upcoming review of LOONEY TUNES SUPER STARS: SYLVESTER AND HIPPITY HOPPER: MARSUPIAL MAYHEM.

The review will be more "Giant" than the "Mouse"!

It's always fun to review the latest entries in the LOONEY TUNES SUPER STARS series, and this will be no exception.  There will be “giant mice” and loyal but ashamed sons galore, and no shortage of the promised “MARSUPIAL MAYHEM”.

So, be there this coming Monday – or I’ll be “…Soooo ashamed!”


scarecrow33 said...

Can't wait, Joe!

In the Great Minds Think Alike department, guess what DVD purchase I made today not twenty minutes ago?

It's surprising, because usually our local stores don't "catch up" with new releases until a couple of months after they've been available elsewhere.

So I will be watching some of these gems tonight, and eagerly anticipating Monday so that I don't "roo" the day!

Joe Torcivia said...

Well, I hope (hop?) you enjoy it as much as I did – which is to say “quite a bit more than I expected to”, if you remember my initial reaction to the announcement of such a set.

We’ll examine each of the cartoons in some detail and, now that you’ll be delving in to the same stuff, it’ll be interesting to see how your views stack up against mine – especially with the material fresh in your mind, as it presently is in mine.

Indeed, this has been a great concentrated period for DVD releases, with this set, the 3RD season of THE CLEVELAND SHOW, “Superman Unbound” (Direct to DVD vs. Brainiac, and based on a 2008 DC Comics arc), the 8th season of GUNSMOKE, the 6th and final season of HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL, the 2nd season of MAVERICK, and the imminent arrival of the TAZ-MAINA and “Best of Warner Bros. Hanna-Barbera 25 Cartoon” sets. …And I still have to order the ‘60s POPEYE set from Warner Archives! I’m waiting for one of their usual promotions before I do that.

Add to this my usual following of New York baseball and the NBA Playoffs. (Yankees up and Knicks down on the day!) Oh, and there’s that hefty allocation of viewing time that is “shared with my spouse”, who much prefers things like news-talk programs (okay) and “Dancing with the Stars” (GROAN!) to the things cited in the paragraph above -- but, thankfully, does like sports! It’s a wonder that I’ve actually been able to view a fair amount of everything and maintain normal work and sleep schedules. …Not to mention Blog! (I always Blog during “Dancing with the Stars”!)

It’s a good feeling, though! Life’s never boring!

…And, as sometimes happens here, I think my comment is longer than my post!