Sunday, May 19, 2013

Present Orders. Future Reviews?

Not sure why I ended that with a question mark, because it’s almost a certainty that reviews will eventually turn up here. 

This past week, I ordered these animation DVDs:

POPEYE THE SAILOR: The 1960s Classics Volume One (from the Warner Archive collection).  You can read more about that HEREUPDATE: Here's the POPEYE review!

TAZ-MANIA: Season One, Part One.  There’s more HERE.  UPDATE: Here's the TAZ-MANIA review!

THE BEST OF WARNER BROS.: HANNA-BARBERA 25 CARTOON COLLECTION.  …And what are the odds there’ll be more about that HERE? 

UPDATE: Here's the HANNA-BARBERA review!

POPEYE arrived yesterday (Saturday, May 18), and I’ve taken the initial plunge into those “1960s Classics”, that I’ve not seen on TV since before 1967.  And the “review-portion of my brain” is already churning, so expect something soon. 
Meanwhile, just for fun, here's another Popeye "1960s Classic" that I like -- and a link to it! 

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