Monday, April 22, 2013

No “Future”… Once Again!

"Bad News, Everyone!" Matt Groening’s FUTURAMA has been canceled! 

What will become of Ruth and Esther?  Will they move on to trashy Robot Reality Shows?

No, it’s not 2003 – but, ten years later, future history has just repeated itself.   Read about it HERE! 

Let's go BACK IN TIME, and undo the cancellation!

For what it’s worth, I’m extremely pleased that, ten years after its original ending, there are still a handful of new FUTURAMA episodes to be enjoyed, coming up in 2013.    

Let's call 'em "The 13 of 2013"!

And, as both FUTURAMA and FAMILY GUY have proved, cancellation (maybe even SECOND cancellation) is not necessarily The End! 

How come every guy YOU drink with gets cancelled?

I’ve enjoyed getting a new FUTURAMA DVD set at the end of every year since 2010 (reviewed HERE) – and, alas, 2013 will be the last. 

There's still VOLUME EIGHT to come!

But, I’m not about to give up hope that Professor Farnsworth may, once again, greet us anew with: “Good News, Everyone!” 

Never give up hope, meatbags!


joecab said...

Aww what sad news. I wonder how much truth there is to Fox picking it up again? Now that Cleveland Show seems to have been cancelled (one season away from syndication too -- that's gotta hurt) and American Dad may not get renewed after next season, that leaves a decently-sized hole in their Sunday night Animation Domination.

Joe Torcivia said...


I know nothing of THE CLEVELAND SHOW being cancelled, but it wouldn’t completely surprise me, as it doesn’t seem to have a regular “8 PM-or Later” timeslot on FOX Sunday – and the Third Season DVD has been made available only on an MOD basis, just like Warner Archives. (As my next post will show, a MOD DVD collection is not the greatest vote of confidence!) On the last one I saw, they actually DID do “cancellation jokes”. I’ll certainly miss it, if it goes.

I never warmed up to AMERICAN DAD, regarding it as something of Seth MacFarlane’s response to the Bush administration. That may have been needed satire at the time of its premiere, but we’re beyond that now. I’m amazed it’s still around – and, unlike THE CLEVELAND SHOW, it seems to have the regular 9:30 PM timeslot locked up.

It WOULD be ironic if FOX returns FUTURAMA to its Sunday Night Animation Domination. I’d love to see it. If not, why hasn’t another Groening show come along in all those years?

Maybe this finally opens a slot for the long-awaited (by ME, if no one else) MacFarlane FLINTSTONES!

joecab said...

I still enjoy American Dad; it's funnier than Family Guy most of the time. (Roger completely steals the show.) But then let's be honest: Family Guy and even the Simpsons are more "habit television" than "appointment television" as their glory days are long past. I still enjoy both more than most other shows though. Bob's Burgers is still hilarious so I hope it stays a while. I was a big fan of Home Movies by the same team.

I guess we'll see about Fox. But then the voice cast negotiated a hefty little pay increase to come back for the Comedy Central run of the show, so it might just be too pricey for them now.

Joe Torcivia said...

“Habit television”? Now, that’s an interesting concept, Joe C?

When does “appointment television” become “habit television”? Sometime, I’ll assume, before it “jumps the shark”?

Did something like “LOST” ever become “habit television”? Probably not. At this point, I’d say the same for THE WALKING DEAD. (No Season 3 spoilers, please!) Will MAD MEN finally cross that threshold, now that it’s almost done with the ‘60s? Ah, the topics we cover…

Didn’t like BOB’S BURGERS when it premiered, but have recently warmed up to it and hope it sticks for a while.

Joe Torcivia said...

UPDATE: April 26, 2013: Yes, THE CLEVELAND SHOW appears to have been cancelled!


joecab said...

Appointment Television: You like the show so you make a point of being home to watch it when it airs

Habit Television: "I dunno, I've been watching Simpsons at 8pm on Sunday nights since forever so why not?"