Saturday, February 9, 2013

What I Did – and Didn’t Do – Today!

What I did today! 

What I didn’t do today, but wish I did! 

Yes, this means I’d rather jump out of a water tower (at great risk of bodily injury, I might add) than discover a supernaturally placed shovel, impossibly positioned in a massive snowdrift, with no logical way to account for how it could possibly have gotten there! 

…Or, maybe I’d just rather watch more of that great ANIMANIACS DVD, than spend most of my day shoveling over a foot of February nor’easter snow.  Ya, think?  Maybe?  Huh? 


scarecrow33 said...

Is this a co-inky-dink, or what? I just bought (on Saturday the 9th)this very same identical issue of WDC & S! My favorite comics shop was having its semi-annual half-price sale on all back issues, and this has long been one of my favorite DD Valentines-themed covers. So I bought this one for $4.00! And you posted it later on the same day! How about that?

I tell you, great minds think alike! Not only that--it's got some great stuff on the inside, too!

As to how the shovel got there--maybe Daisy's next door neighbor Minnie Mouse borrowed it earlier that day and when she had finished using it--or making a certain other well-known mouse shovel her walk for her--left it by Daisy's front gate as a hint for Donald to do the same. Since it was Valentine's Day, she knew Daisy's best beau would show up sooner or later, but as it turned out, a few more inches of snow piled up after Minnie left the shovel there, and before Donald had finished his business at the florist and the candy shop. So he found the shovel waiting for him when he finally got there (and no trace of Minnie's high-heel-prints). Daisy is even waving her handkerchief in the style of a damsel of old, to encourage the efforts of her knight in a sailor suit to do the heroic thing and rescue her from her helpless situation. (Come on, despite the reluctant look he is giving it, you KNOW he will!)

But on to the main purpose of your post--I, too, have had to shovel snow in past years when I lived full-time in Seattle. (We used to get a snowstorm there about once every winter, although sometimes it would skip a couple of winters. When it does fall, it has been known on occasion to get about as high as the snow Donald is wading through.)But whether you do it every year or once in a while, shoveling snow is simply NO FUN! It's one of the reasons I prefer to live in sunny California.

Looking forward to more about the Animaniacs!

Joe Torcivia said...

That IS quite the coincidence, Scarecrow!

FOUR BUCKS? I’m sure I paid more than that for my copy back in the ‘80s! Good deal!

And, the primary reason for posting that cover is that IS what my house looked like yesterday! Today, too… but with some paths and a clear driveway, though. So Cal is nice, I’ll grant you. However, snow (even by the foot) is but a minor inconvenience, when weighed against the “total awesomeness” of living in New York! …Those who know me, know I mean that!

And, no… The shovel would have been buried. It would not have risen to the top of the drift as the snow piled. There are no tracks but Donald’s, and his understandable dismay indicates that HE did not place the shovel there. So, unless Gyro somehow “transported it there”, or some other supernatural force is afoot, we can ether assume Carl Barks “goofed” on that one… or he was screwing with us, as if it were a Warner toon.

And, speaking of Warner toons, we will have a post on my initial impressions of ANIMANIACS Volume 4 on Tuesday morning. …Ask, and you shall receive! Don’t you wish the whole world was like TIAH Blog?

Joe Torcivia said...

Oh, also there is no snow anywhere ON the shovel, indicating it could not have been there very long. Yet, it lies atop the accumulated snow – with no tracks made by whomever left it.

This looks like a job for Detective Mickey Mouse… or the Junior Woodchucks!

…Or, more likely, Yakko could just explain it with a throwaway gag line!