Thursday, March 22, 2012


The New York Jets just got Tim Tebow!

Methinks, it’ll be like having Bat-Mite around… every day! 

With all that entails -- both good and bad! 


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Pete Fernbaugh said...

I wasn't the biggest Tebow fan this past season, but I'll be rooting for him this season. It's a bit of a bum's rush what Denver did to him. I guess they figured a short-term investment in an aged, but solid quarterback is more profitable than a long-term investment in a young, rough-around-the-edges QB.

As good as Manning is, though, I just don't see him as the next Brett Favre, and even Favre in his final seasons was a weakened force.

Still, this Manning-Tebow development was one of the biggest surprises of the post-season!

Ah...back-room negotiations. To be a fly on the wall...