Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy President’s Day 2012!

Is he “Smarter than the average president – or presidential candidate?”

In October of 1969, when this comic was released, perhaps not. In 2012, alas, perhaps so!

Either way, I find myself wishing Yogi WERE a viable alternative! It would be nice just to see him on TV again… on political talk shows like “Bear-Face the Nation”, and such!

Below: Yogi is a guest on ( "Fox News"!  (Lower case "ox", of course!)

Notice how "fair and balanced" the fox is, atop Yogi's head! 

And, he’s almost as honest as George and Abe – unless you ask him what happened to that “pic-a-nic basket”!


ramapith said...

Having jumped the wrong fence to grab a cooling pie, President Yogi is chased down the road by Yowp, who recognizes no authority.

"Break the news to this eagle-eyed beagle...
When the President does it, it's not illegal! Yay-hey-hey!"

Some of this year's candidates make even Magilla look good.

Joe Torcivia said...

Deny a guy a pie? …Why? (replies Joe in his best “Charlie Shows Early H-B Rhyming Dialogue” impression)

Clearly, Yowp (…Not the Blogger, who I hope is reading this just because I’m showing some love for Charlie Shows!) does not believe in handouts, bailouts, or any other type of “outs”.

…Not to mention, as is common in politics, he wants to keep the whole “pie” for himself!