Thursday, February 9, 2012

DVD Review: G-Men (1935)

G-Men (1935)

(Released: 2006 by Warner Home Video)

Another looong DVD Review by Joe Torcivia

James Cagney does it again in “G-Men” – this time, on the "right side of the law" – in this early “Code-Era” film directed by William Keighley…

Oh, no… wait!

I don’t mean those “G-Men”…

I mean THESE “G-MEN”!


I mean the ones lead by Eli Manning, that beat the New England Patriots and Tom Brady 21-17 in Super Bowl XLVI (…or as I prefer to call it: Super Bowl 46)!

I mean THOSE "G-Men"!


Go Giants! Go Eli!

We’ll review more old films on DVD soon enough… This week, we’re enjoyin’ the Super Bowl!

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