Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year! 2012!


2012, REALLY!?

Time was I thought I’d never get there without a Time Tunnel!

But, we’re here… Onward and upward!

We're Ready!


Ryan Wynns said...

Joe (and all), likewise -- happy New Year's!

Tell me about it! Where has the time gone, and how are we already here?! I can't wrap my mind around the fact that now a decade ago, I was in college! Or, for example, how many years have have sped by since I was in attendance at your birthday celebration!

...taking stock of this situation, it's glaringly apparent to me that I have to make sure not to put things off, and make the most of time, before more of it's gone!

And on that note, one of my New Year's resolutions is, besides resuming updating my blog, to do a better job of remaining up-to-date with both reading and commenting on this blog (and others)! My blog activity took a serious dive a couple months ago, and I definitely want to rectify that -- these friendships, and our "community", is too important to me to not turn things around!

Again, happy New Year's! See you here! :)


Joe Torcivia said...


When my younger friends begin noting how life’s allotted time flies by, it’s time to… time to… to…

…Well, I’m not sure WHAT it’s time to do but suppress the urge to panic, second Ryan’s advice and resolutions – and, maybe a few of these things:

Treat EVERY day as the precious gift it is! Do something nice… for others… and, while you’re at it, do something nice for yourself!

Enjoy the friendship of those around you! Enjoy your interests! Enjoy those comics, DVDs, Blogs, sports teams, current events, literature, music, film, general discussion and conversation, pets, nature, the world at large, and plain old physical activity. I have a feeling that we will all come to miss that last one someday! And don’t slight your responsibilities while doing so!

If there’s a special person you’re sharing life with, tell him or her how special he or she is to you! Do it for no reason at all, other than the fact that they ARE special! Even if you’re as certain as all heck that they already know it… tell them! It never hurts, there’s no cost, and it pays dividends in all sorts of ways.

And if, like Ryan, anyone else would care to resolve to visit my humble Blog, and offer thoughtful and /or humorous comment on the myriad of subjects to be found herein, with greater frequency… Well, that’s okay too!

Happy New Year – to my friend Ryan and to all of you!


Pete Fernbaugh said...

Joe and Ryan:

Sobering is right. I turn 30 today, and I'm baffled by the time that has past. Looking back on my twenties, they weren't what I expected, but I mean that in a good way, because I didn't know what to expect! I still don't.

Joe, your advice is sound. Embrace the day and (to borrow a slogan from a certain infamous commentator) occupy your life!

Ryan, I hear ya. I fall behind all of the time, and I always regret it. It's worth taking the extra effort to read, write, watch, and work-out.

Speaking of which, I'm due at the gym this afternoon... :-D

Happy New Year to y'all.

Pete (...working furiously to make his blog a daily-stop destination.)

Ryan Wynns said...

Joe: Thank you for your wonderful response and its joyous sentiments!

Pete: We're the same age! (I turned 30 in October.) And, indeed, I could easily said exactly what you have: "I fall behind all of the time, and I always regret it." But we can't be blamed -- there should be 36 hours in a day (or it should be optional, for people like us who want to read more, learn more, write more, etc.)! Just hang in there, and keep at it...I promise, I'll do the same!


Joe Torcivia said...

Thank you right back, Ryan, for your similar sentiments!

And, Pete has certainly been living up to his, with some massive blogging output of late, wouldn’t you say! Maybe he FOUND the way to extend his days to 36 hours!