Thursday, October 6, 2011

Teaser, Teaser, Pants on… um, er, … Freezer?

I’m offering up one last teaser for the third and final of my “Different Genre DVD Reviews”, coming by the weekend.

The GENRE is one not generally associated with yours truly, though I enjoy it more than even some of my closest friends might suspect. (So, all would-be “Blog-sleuths” can eliminate animation, sci-fi / fantasy, anything '60s, and Depression-Era gangsters and crime!)

The STAR is a very well-known star. (Lotta ground to cover, there!)

The actual CO-STAR would be regarded as having been lost to history, though the NAME of this co-star has lived on in an unexpected way. (That’s all I’m giving you for now, folks!)

Finally, (and, to me, the greatest surprise of all) the PRODUCER is a name you’ll know, but would never associate with this particular area of entertainment! (Again, that’s all, folks!)

…Though there MIGHT be a hint about some aspect of this, lurking within in these words!

You’ve been warned… er, teased!

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