Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sound Advice!

Stewie and Bender have an important message for you.  ...And, if by "Stewie and Bender" I actually mean me, well... you decide! 

Be honest now… How many of you access the Internet – and, for the sake of this argument, read Blogs – in places and situations where you shouldn’t?

ALL of you? Good! I’ve always known my readers are honest ones.

That said, I’ll digress and say that “The Spoiler Warning” may be one of the great inventions of our time.

So, why not carry this a step further and institute “The SOUND Warning”!

It would certainly prevent you from clicking on a Blog link at work, in a doctor’s office, or anywhere else that a sudden burst of sound might be inappropriate.

See this section from my recent post on “The Thing From Another World”. After reading my warning (seen in red below), you are free to click at your own risk – or the risk of your job… or general dignity.

The nature of the respective "creatures" differed (An alien "vegetable" vs. a sentient "flame-creature"), but EVERYTHING else was the same. A deadly creature frozen in polar ice, and the conflict of pragmatic military vs. obsessed scientists / stalwart Seaview crew vs. Alfred Ryder’s insanely single-minded guest-scientist Dr. Bergstrom (WARNING: This link is to a YouTube video with SOUND! You should know this, if you are reading this Blog at work!) on how to handle the situation – to the point of reckless endangerment and total destruction.

Instituting such a rule among us Bloggers would only benefit us all in the long run.

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