Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy 7th to Us!

It's a very happy day at TIAH Blog, as Esther and I celebrate our 7th Wedding Anniversary!

Join the crew of the Jupiter II from LOST IN SPACE (They do the greatest "sevens"!) in sharing our joy! 


joecab said...

Congrats on hitting 7, folks!

Joe Torcivia said...

Thanks, Joe!

We just got back from a night at the restaurant where we had our wedding reception!

Appreciate the good wishes!

Chris Barat said...


Happy anniversary from myself and Nicky!


Joe Torcivia said...

And pretty soon, if memory serves, an eighth back at you two!

Chuck Munson said...

Happy lucky seven, Joe! You two certainly deserve it!

Becky and I just celebrated 10 on the 24th. How time flies.

Chuck, Becky and Kathryn

Joe Torcivia said...

Thanks, Chuck:

I think we can all agree that time flies when you’re having fun!


Ryan Wynns said...


Congratulations to you guys! You and I were e-mailing around the time you and Esther first met -- can't believe it's been so long since then! If you may, pass on my regards to her, and hope the other night's celebration at the restaurant was fun!


HCE said...

Sorry for the major delay in noticing this, Joe, but happy anniversary (month) to you and Esther!

Pete Fernbaugh said...

Ooopss...submitted that from my work gmail account. No matter...

Like I said, sorry I just noticed this posting. Happy anniversary (month) to you and Esther! From all you've told me of her, she seems to be a great woman!

Joe Torcivia said...

All right, HCE… What have you done with Pete!

Oh, there you are!

Esther and I thank you very much! Yes, she’s the best! Stop by New York someday and meet her! I might enjoy seeing you too!