Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Wanna put the whack on winter storms? Go directly to your favorite comic book shop and pick up a copy of DONALD DUCK AND FRIENDS # 362, brought to you by the fine folks at BOOM Kids!
It may not melt the snow, but it WILL give you a warm feeling inside!
And that warm feeling will come from reading my English language script to “Return of the Titan of Tae-Kwon-Duk”, the sequel to Donald’s earlier non-dream-sequence foray into the world of martial arts – called (as if you didn’t know) The Titan of Tae-Kwon-Duk” from DDaF # 360. WARNING: Warm Feelings may or may not result from reading this comic-book story. Your results may vary.
WARM YOUR HEART to the nephews’ devotion to their Unca Donald, as he stubbornly works to recapture the glories of two issues past!

STRUGGLE with Donald as he trains perilously close to an open third floor window!

EXPERIENCE THE HORROR of a Duck who is suddenly without a past! (...Despite 361 previous issues!)
GET NERVOUS as Don falls in with some really bad dudes – one of which has a really bad moustache!

RAGE along with the “real” bad guy, whose position Donald has usurped!

THRILL to his daring escape from prison!

RECOIL IN HORROR at said bad guy’s reaction to the color mauve!

STAND BACK as our two Tae-Kwon-Duk-ing Ducks confront each other!

WONDER why Joe is expressing this in the melodramatic terms of old Hollywood movie trailers!

And the best part is… You can see the FIRST FIVE PAGES for yourself, at THIS LINK!

There’s also a great story by Janet Gilbert that will make you glad comic books can’t interface with your olfactory senses.

So, stop reading this, and start reading DONALD DUCK AND FRIENDS # 362!

Tell ‘em Handlebars McTwirlsneer sent you!


ramapith said...

I just need to say–"Handlebars McTwirlsneer" is one of the greatest names ever to appear in a comic book.

Joe Torcivia said...

Thank you, David!

After looking at the character’s most pronounced feature (his moustache), I asked myself: If Carl Barks wanted to outdo such villain names as “Snidely Whiplash” or “Dan Backslide”, what would he come up with?

We’ll never know, of course… but I came up with “Handlebars McTwirlsneer”! Glad you enjoyed it!

Asking “What would Carl Barks do?” has never hurt a script yet!


Chris Barat said...


I agree with David re Handlebars McT.S., but I would have nicknamed him "Handy," rather than "Bars."


Joe Torcivia said...

Perhaps, Chris… but, think about it, what did he belong BEHIND?