Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Wanna get some… er, “kicks”? Go directly to your favorite comic book shop and pick up a copy of DONALD DUCK AND FRIENDS # 360! Like last week’s UNCLE SCROOGE # 397, it is brought to you by the fine folks at BOOM Kids!

The striking (well, some guys ARE being “struck”) cover is by Pat and Shelly Block, two great talents from whom we can never see enough!

Inside, you’ll find Part Two of “Son of the Rising Sun” (…a wonderful title if you give some thought to the earliest work of Don Rosa), continuing the Tekka-Don “dream-u-mentary” adventures of Donald in Feudal Japan.

Backing that is my American English script for the story I call “The Titan of Tae-Kwon-Duk”, in which Donald’s martial-arts-misadventures continue when he’s AWAKE!

Full disclosure: The incomparable David Gerstein wrote nearly all of Page One but, once I had a nephew crack-wise at the bottom of that page, there was no stopping me until the end of this eight-page, far-eastern fun-fest!

The original story was written the great Gorm Transgaard, so you know it’s gonna be good – with (martial) art by Jose Maria Manrique, so you know it’s gonna be… aw, you know!

Can Donald go from “Zero to Black Belt” in a matter of days? And, if so, what other misfortunes will befall him? Among said misfortunes, will there be a big, strong, bearded misfortune – with a vaguely familiar name to match his appearance – ready to challenge him for a certain “title” that matches the title of our story?

…And what will it take to make me stop asking so many questions?

How about if you promise to get a copy of DONALD DUCK AND FRIENDS # 360!

…I’ll be monitoring you – and making up lots of new questions as I wait!


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Whoa, a cover by the Blocks? What ever HAPPENED to those two? is a question I ask myself often. The long series of short gag scripts they did for European artists are pretty pedestrian, but the handful of stories that Pat wrote and drew with Ron Hernandez, as well as the handful of pure collaborations between Pat and Shelly, are stone-cold classics. I thought they'd sort of drifted away from duckdom, but if not, let me just say: MORE, PLEASE.

Joe Torcivia said...


Few lament the lack of “Block-sightings” more than I!

I had the great privilege of seeing (and commenting on) the original Block / Fernandez “Widow’s Gap” story before Gladstone ran it, one year in San Diego. Naturally, I gave it the highest marks!

Those early stories, particularly “Too Late for Christmas” with Witch Hazel, were exactly what those comics needed – and didn’t get anywhere near enough of!

Between the Barks Sailboat “tribute” cover, by Diego Jourdan for Uncle Scrooge, and this “Block-tastic” effort, I’ve sure… er, “drawn” the best in cover representation for my two scripts!