Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mighty Mouse Meets Perry Mason!

Yes, really. See the first video below.

A Perry Mason promo, aired DURING “The Mighty Mouse Playhouse”? Conversely, I wonder
if Mighty Mouse was equally cross-promoted during Perry Mason. Somehow, I doubt it!

And, while we’re still in a “Mighty Frame of Mind”, play the color version of the complete, original Might Mouse theme song from 1965. Enjoy.

"Mouse v. Mason"

"Mighty Colorful"


Chris Barat said...


I would have been REALLY shocked if the promo came smack in the MIDDLE of the show. Here it appears to come (literally) on the way out the door.


Joe Torcivia said...


Don’t you just love it that the show ends with a SLAMMING DOOR!

And, in the 40-50 years since that Colgate spot was made, has anyone noticed that the Little Mouse extolling the virtues of Colgate Dental Cream with Gardol has only ONE TOOTH?

In keeping with Mighty Mouse continuity, why isn’t “Mr. Decay” a cat?

…And whatever happened to “Gardol”? Isn’t it needed more than ever today? Maybe not, if it couldn’t preserve more than just one tooth!

Finally, imagine the converse: Just after Perry Mason has defended another client from going to the gas chamber on a false murder rap, we cut to Mighty Mouse.

“Hi, courtroom drama fans! Perry Mason isn’t the ONLY ONE WHO'S HERE TO SAVE THE DAY! This is Mighty Mouse inviting you to join me every Saturday morning for The Mighty Mouse Playhouse on most of these stations… brought to you by the Colgate Palmolive Company, makers of Colgate Dental Cream with Gardol! See ya then!”

Off screen, we hear the unmistakably commanding voice of RAYMOND BURR: “Paul, Della… Let’s go home!”

Door reading “Perry Mason Attorney at Law” SLAMS SHUT… as we fade out!