Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year from TIAH Blog! 2010!

No, it’s not 1946, but those “big number props” (Not to mention this cover image!) were just lying around – and we never waste anything at TIAH Blog! Cover Image from LOONEY TUNES AND MERRIE MELODIES # 52 (1945).

Welcome to 2010!

This is the year we finally stop referring to the year as “TWO THOUSAND-SOMETHING”… as in “Two Thousand Four”, “Two Thousand Eight”, etc. – and start calling it “TWENTY-SOMETHING”… as in “Twenty Ten”, “Twenty Twelve”, Twenty Twenty One” and beyond.
I don’t know why the change, other than it just sounds better, I suppose. We don’t need to pronounce the extra syllable “OH”, as it would be if we said “Twenty OH Nine”!
Anyway, keep visiting in “Twenty (no OH) Ten”, as we continue our fun with comic books, DVDs, animation, TV, sports, and anything else “Blog-worthy” that comes along.


Nobius said...

Happy New Year

Pokey said...

Happy New years and THANKS for the coment about saying the year..I'm the same way, about "two thousand" XX year, it's twenty-fill in year.

Chuck Munson said...

Happy New Year Twenty-Ten to you and Esther! Great cover by the way. Something of a standard thing on European Disney covers, but not with their American cousins!?

Joe Torcivia said...

Nobuis, Pokey, and Chuck:

Thank you for the good wishes! Happy New Year to you and yours – and to all other readers of this Blog! Hope You’ll all keep visiting and commenting in, what-cha-callit… “Twenty-Ten”.