Thursday, November 5, 2009

World Series Game Six: Yank-Zilla, Andy, and Mo, Deliver Championship 27! Yanks 7- Phils 3!

I've never been happier to say: "I'm Sorry!"

I’m sorry, Hideki Matsui, I was wrong to denigrate your efforts in previous posts! Six RBIs in Game Six (Tying a WS Record for a single game!), with a Single, Double, and Home Run, on his way to becoming World Series MVP!

I’m sorry, Andy Pettitte, for doubting your ability to pitch on short rest – though I’m far from alone on that one.

And, I’m sorry, Joe Girardi, for calling you “D’oh Girardi” and questioning your pitching strategies – despite being in the seeming majority there as well.

And, I’m even (ever-so-slightly) sorry that Pedro Martinez may have ended his career in defeat to “His Daddy”! All right… Maybe not so much!

Mariano Rivera, once again, showed us why he is the greatest closer of all time!

Where I WAS correct was in my feeling that this World Series (in either Game Six or Game Seven) would come down to who had the better bull pen! And, the Yankees did – with Joba Chamberlain, Damaso Marte, and the great Rivera holding the Phillies scoreless, after Pettitte’s 5 and 2/3 innings of three-run ball.

And where I was prescient was in the selection of Hideki ("Godzilla") Matsui as the World Series MVP.

Friend of this Blog, Bruce Kanin and I were e-mailing back and forth during the game… that’s the old fashioned, kerosene powered version of TEXTING, for the young people reading this. Here’s part of that exchange.

JOE: “
Yanks up 4-1, as I write this. I'm sorry for all the things I said about Matsui!”

JOE (Again, Later): “I take back everything I ever said about Hideki Matsui! 6 RBIs! With his earlier home runs, could *HE* be the Series MVP?”

BRUCE: “Maybe, and ironically, too, if this is his "swan" song with them.”

JOE: “Would that be an origami swan?”

BRUCE: “lol

So, congrats to Matsui and the New York Yankees on their 27th Championship!

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