Monday, November 2, 2009

World Series Game Five: “D’oh! Girardi”! Phils 8 – Yanks 6!

Starting A.J. Burnett on short rest vs. Cliff Lee? Good idea? Nope!

Despite a valiant late inning comeback attempt by the Yankees, I was right! See previous post for all the reasons why.

I wasn’t alone. ESPN’s Mike Greenberg (Of Mike and Mike in the Morning) and Yankees broadcasters Michael Kay and John Flaherty had similarly grave reservations.

(I wish I could have used the “grave reservations” line on Halloween!)

Several co-workers agreed, as well.

I was in good company. Esther did not agree, but she’s “good company” in spite of that!

Back to New York. (You’re always in “good company” in New York!)

Yankees can still win it – just nowhere near as easily as it should have been!

And now the possibility of a Series loss is much greater.

Especially, if Cliff Lee can make another appearance.

Can anyone stop Chase (“Muttley”) Utley? Or will he “snicker” his way to more victories?


Now, what does Andy Pettitte do on short rest?

And how did “Genius Joe Girardi” of Thursday become “D’oh! Girardi”of Monday?

I fear, if the Yankees lose, this decision will be something that will be talked about ALL WINTER!

Another comics cover interlude coming on Tuesday.

See you back on Wednesday!

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Chris Barat said...


Pettitte apparently has pitched much better on three days' rest in the postseason than in the regular season. Still, the last time he did it was five years ago...