Thursday, October 29, 2009

World Series Game One: Lee, Utley Chase Yanks 6-1!

The Yankees fell off a “Cliff”… Cliff Lee, that is! And Chase (“Muttley”) Utley hit two solo homers off CC Sabathia who, despite lack of command (…Or is that “control”? …No, I think it’s “command”! Darned if I can tell the difference!), pitched well for seven innings – surrendering only two runs.

An amazing effort by Lee! What else can you say?!

The Bull Pen let us down late in the game, removing all hope for that patented late-inning Yankee comeback. What is wrong with Phil Hughes? Is it time for Joba Chamberlain to be the full-time “eighth inning guy”?

And, it’s time for the Yankees to divest themselves of Brian Bruney and Hideki Matsui!

Bruney simply can’t get the job done! Matsui is a DH who can’t run and can’t field!

That’s fine if Matsui’s at bats were the quality of the "One-Time, Allegedly Performance-Enhanced David Ortiz" – but they are NOT! He doesn’t hit home runs like “One-Time, Allegedly Performance-Enhanced David Ortiz”! Brett (“Gardy”) Gardner can also hit singles – but he can run them into doubles, stay out of inning-ending double plays, and score from second (even first, at times) on a hit!

One bright spot in all this… If Cliff Lee went a full nine-inning complete game, he probably can’t return on short rest!

Bring on Pedro!

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Chris Barat said...


Amazingly, the Yankees appeared to be back on their heels last night. I didn't expect that.

We'll see how the diva pitches tonight.