Thursday, October 8, 2009

Huckleberry Hound in “Wiki Waki Huck” (1960)

As I depart on a (very) brief vacation, I leave you with Huck in Hawaii!

The great Warren Foster wrote it, and the great Daws Butler performed as Huck!

And, for Huck’s sake, just be glad there weren’t THREE little pigs!

It’s not on DVD, so watch it quick, before Warners has it removed! Aloha!


Nilson Perissé said...

Hello, Joe. I'm 50 years old brazilian and, in the 60s was a great admirer of Huck Hound cartoons. Actually, my first toy was a Huck doll in vinyl, dressed as a police dog. Perhaps that is why today I feel great pleasure when I read something about Huck or when I collect his comics. I'm creating a brazilian facebook page and would like to translate some things you wrote about Huck in your blog. Would you authorize?]

Joe Torcivia said...

Sure. Why not!

And thanks for asking! Glad you enjoy it!

Huck may STILL be my favorite cartoon character!