Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Pair of Popeyes – Black and White and Colorized.

Here we have the WW II Era Popeye cartoonFleets of Strength”, both in its original Black and White version and a later colorized version.

The colorized version looks better than I feared – and is actually kinda good, compared to some of the dreadful jobs done on older Max Fleischer Popeyes.

And, this cartoon has MY ALL TIME FAVORITE VERSION OF THE POPEYE THEME SONG! Presumably, the vastly underrated Sammy Timberg, who also arranged the music for the Fleischer SUPERMAN series, arranged this rendition. It lasted all too briefly, debuting shortly before the USA’s entry into WW II, and lasting until shortly after the wartime cartoons began.

The Black and White version is available as part of the stellar POPEYE THE SAILOR 1941-1943 DVD collection of 2008. The color version makes for an interesting comparison, when viewed back to back.

Opinions vary on the content of these wartime shorts but, at TIAH Blog we’re only here to have fun – so just enjoy.

I’ll post some less controversial Popeyes soon, including another Black and White cartoon which is probably my favorite of the entire series, and a better-than-average, formula resisting color entry from the Famous/Paramount days.

Enjoy… Toot! Toot!

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