Monday, May 4, 2009

Yet Another One of “Freakazoid’s Final Jokes… On US”!

Proving that the zany spirit of FREAKAZOID! is not dead (…and, hopefully, never will be), here’s creator Paul Rugg on his "publicity tour" for the recently released FREAKAZOID! Season Two DVD – from Mr. Rugg’s Blog.

Just click on the link below… You won’t be sorry!

Froynlaven: Strangest Interview I've Ever Done

You won’t be sorry… but, if you ARE sorry, we are very sorry that you were “sorry”, even for a moment. It is our aim at TIAH Blog that the reader is always right – and never feels “sorry” for visiting our Blog… and, should we ever reach such a “sorry” state again, we declare ourselves “sorry” in advance. We now conclude this post, and are off to play a rousing board game of SORRY!
Dedicated to Mr. Rugg, Mr. McCann, and the Freaky-One, himself!

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Chuck Munson said...

When am I going to learn not to visit your blog when eating lunch at my desk! Why, you ask? Well, first off, since the interview was from Paul's blog, I thought it might be a transcription - no such luck obviously. So now I'm frustrated. Yeah, there's currently a low threshold on that emotion. Then I notice Paul's entry: "I HATE NORWAY!". Since I'm 50% Norwegian that has the hairs all over standing up. So now I'm frustrated and peeved. Well, the posting turns out to be nothing more than parody. Very good parody and lots of insanely funny exaggerations - especially on the Norwegian-Swede rivalry thing. So now I want to laugh out loud - with a mouth full of food - in an office of open cubicles - filled with people who work for our client. So now I'm doing heaven knows what to both my breathing and ingestion. Joe, like I said, I have to stop reading your blog at lunch - it just takes too much out of me!