Monday, February 2, 2009

How Did We Ever Live Without Living Color!

Remember when “Color” was so new to TV that they had to TELL YOU that you were watching it?

Hopefully, you don’t… but here’s a reminder from a You Tube poster and TIAH Blog!


Chris Barat said...


You've just GOT to tell me how to insert YouTube into my blog posts! I can't seem to figure it out. (Via separate e-mail, of course...)


Mark Lungo said...

1. What, no "Batman in color" intro?

2. The 2005-06 Adult Swim cartoon Minoriteam, a satirical series about "five superheroes, each of which is based on a racial or ethnic stereotype, who join forces to fight against a bunch of villains who are mostly discriminatory concepts", had an intro similar to these. From the Wikipedia entry: "The opening tag declaring that Minoriteam is broadcast 'FULLY COLORED' is both a racial reference and an homage to the 'IN COLOR' or 'IN TECHNICOLOR' line opening many old cartoons."