Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blogs vs .Blago!

There’s been some confusion of late on BLOGS vs. BLAGO.

You are presently reading a BLOG!
Below is a photo of BLAGO!
Reading Blogs can be fun!
Listening to Blago… not so much!

Some Blogs will try to sell you things!
Blago is believed to have tried to “sell things” too.

Blogs are all over the Internet!
Blago is all over the TV… at least for now.

Blogs can have fancy graphics.
Blago has fancy hair!

In summation: Blogs: Good! Blago: You decide!

I hope that clears things up…


Chris Barat said...


Shouldn't BLAGO be the name outlined in blue? ;-)


Joe Torcivia said...


Maybe I’d prefer he wasn’t a Democrat! :-)