Saturday, August 16, 2008

Is My House Famous?

It doesn’t matter how long you live in a neighborhood, there’s always something new to learn! I’ve lived in my town (off and on) since 1969, in five different houses over the years… but things unknown still lurk among the suburban tracts.

In casual conversation with a long-time resident of the block, on which we’ve lived for nearly the last three years, my wife Esther, learned that our house was once the home of noted science fiction and fantasy pulp illustrator Virgil Finlay! In fact, given the timeframe Finlay is said to have lived here – and that our house was part of a large postwar development – he was most likely its original owner.

Click the link above for more on Virgil Finlay.

At the time, the upstairs of our house was an unfinished attic and, it seems that Mr. Finlay created many of his illustrations and paintings up there! Today, that very same space houses my vast collection of comics! Something about that just makes me feel good!


Chris Barat said...

Amazing coincidence, Joe!

Chuck Munson said...

The world continues to be filled with happily "freakish" connections and serendipitous conincidences. How great to learn that you bought a home with a pedigree!