Friday, August 29, 2008

Completing the ANT-Trifecta!

For no reason at all, or maybe just because “it’s there”, I’m posting the third American printing of the “Mickey Mouse and Pluto Battle the Giant Ants” comic book cover.

So, we now have the original Dell version (1950) HERE, the Gold Key version (1965) HERE, and the Gladstone version (1989) below. Where else but at TIAHblog, folks?

And, just for the record, there were TWO OTHER Mickey vs. Giant Ants stories over the years – both unrelated to this one. “Strange Happenings” from MICKEY MOUSE # 69 (1960) and “Mickey Mouse on Monster Island” in MICKEY MOUSE # 149 (1974).

If only there had been one more such encounter… it would have resulted in an “ANT-tastic Four!”

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