Saturday, May 12, 2018

More Melon 2!

Here, courtesy of our friend Achille Talon, is another hilarious installment of the Franco-Belgian comic "Walter Melon" (...known as "Achille Talon" in French, hence his screen-name) by the great cartoonist Michael Greg...

...And with, as we say at IDW, "Translation and Dialogue by Achille Talon", the REAL one, not the "cartoon-one"!   CLICK TO ENLARGE any panel sequence! 

Who among us would not at least CONSIDER ACTING, if not outright doing so, as poor fried Walter has!  

Aside from Walter in his "crispy state", you've just gotta love how the mysterious button is now completely obliterated!  

Notice the title of this post is "More Melon 2".  That's because we've already enjoyed "More Melon" in THIS POST, and were introduced to the character and his world in THIS POST!  
I'm counting on Achille to make this Blogger's life easy by occasionally delivering more material for more "More Melon" posts - just as Walter is so-doing above.  We'll all enjoy 'em, and all I've got to do is sit back and supply some framing text!  

Thank you, "Achille Talon" for another installment... and thank you, Michael Greg for your wonderful creation!  

...Any resemblance between Michael Greg and comics legend Stan Lee is purely coincidental... or is it?  


Debbie Anne said...

It is a shame that Franco-Belgian comics aren't more popular in the US, as the ones I have seen have fantastic artwork. Humor comics certainly aren't dead there (although I begin to wonder whether or not Walter Melon is dead after this strip.)

Joe Torcivia said...


I must say that it’s a very pleasing style that I’ve really come to enjoy in more recent years.

Its surface simplicity belies the keen artistic eye, great draftsmanship, and outright humorous rendering that goes into it.

Oh, Walter’s not dead! In fact, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he surfaces in future posts! …Hear that, Achille?

Achille Talon said...

Oh, I hear you!

…In fact, I've been working on a blazing two-pager today just for you all, but it's taking a bit longer than Electrickery did because I have run out of near-wordless comics and am now reduced to (oh the horror) actually translating more than a couple of balloons.

Point is, Walter Melon will return — and as his magnficient verbose self, this time!

Joe Torcivia said...


You write: “ …and am now reduced to (oh the horror) actually translating more than a couple of balloons.”

AT LAST! Someone feels my pain! …And, I’m very quick to add, my JOY!

...Try 92 densely-worded Italian pages sometime! It'll wear you to a nub! :-)