Tuesday, April 24, 2018

900 Posts!

Welcome to POST # 900 at TIAH Blog! 

Nothing to say except… THANK YOU – ALL of you – for your continued support of the things we do around here! 

In August 2018, we will have been doing this for TEN YEARS… and I see no reason why I shouldn’t try for TWENTY, or even THIRTY. 

So, keep on coming back, and I’ll keep trying to make it interesting and FUN! 



joecab said...

Congrats! You don't look a day under 800 :)

joecab said...

Wait, didn't I mean "over"? WHOOPS :(

Joe Torcivia said...

I may "look good", but don't ask how I feel...

Debbie Anne said...

Congratulations on your upcoming milestone! Even when I don't post on an entry, I usually read most of what you post here. Your enthusiasm shines through in each blog post.

Joe Torcivia said...

Thank you, Deb!

If there is one thing that is not in short supply ‘round here, it’s “enthusiasm”!

Money? Energy? Career satisfaction? Good new Disney comics? Maybe not so much these days… But, “enthusiasm”? We got THAT by the boatload! …So, let’s “sail on” for another nine hundred, shall we?

Achille Talon said...

Happy Blogversary!

Lupan Evezan said...

Congratulations, Joe! 900 posts is quite an achievement! By the way, will you be writing a post about your scripting of The Wonderful Wishing Crown?

The Horde of the Violet Hare said...

Congratulations, Joe! I remember when The Horde got it's 900th member. In celebration, we brainwashed everyone within 500 feet. Then the Mob of the Maroon Magpies stole our celebratory cake. Those fiends!

Debbie Anne said...

Well, at least with Disney Comics, quality is better than quantity. Last week's Uncle Scrooge was pretty good. (Whichever one people could find, anyways... putting out two issues on the same day seemed to get things mixed up at some shops). Plus we have the Disney Masters books to look forward to. (Hopefully not one devoted to Kay Wright's "Bird-Bothered Hero".)

Sérgio Gonçalves said...

Congrats, Joe! It's worth adding that, based on your pace to date, you're about a year from reaching another milestone: 1,000 blog posts. That'll be 4% of the 25,000-post milestone the great Mark Evanier recently hit. Which is actually no small achievement on your part, considering that Mark Evanier posts multiple times a day, every day... Here's to another nine hundred!

Joe Torcivia said...

Oh, Wow!

Take a day for some personal business, and everyone’s thrown me a “900th Post Party”! So many “Friends” (Who needs Facebook! – Besides the Russians, that is!), and even a “secret organization of villains” turned out for the festivities!

Thank you, one and all – even those with evil plans for world domination… oh, and “The Horde of the Violet Hare” too! …In order now:


Thank you, but I’d say the real “Blogversary” would be the Ten-Year-Mark coming this August. So, please feel free to file that clever word-melding away for future use in a few months.

…Not unlike the way I regularly trot-out the name “Bertram” in as many dialogue scripts as I can fit it into. Though, funny as I find it, “Bertram” is hardly in the same “class-of-clever” as “Blogversary”!

Of course, now I can’t dislodge the classic FLINTSTONES episode “The Hot Piano” from my mind… and I keep hearing that chorus of cops singing “Happy Blogversary”, “Happy Blogversary”, “Happy Blogversary”, “Haaaa-ppy Blogga-ver-sareeey” to the tune of the "William Tell Overture"!


I most certainly will be doing a post on “The Wonderful Wishing Crown” - as soon as I get a copy of my own to pull illustrations from! Believe it or not, things have been so (all together now) Horrifically Busy that I haven’t picked mine up from the comic shop… and, for some reason, IDW didn’t send me a contributors’ copy a week prior to release, as is their usual practice.

It is one of my most favorite stories I’ve ever been privileged to work on – and a magnificent effort by original writer Vito Stabile!

Oddly, on the subject of “posts-that-should-have-been-but-weren’t”, I never did a post on my MOST favorite story I’ve ever worked on… the Casty Mickey Mouse adventure that I called “Night of the Living Text”, due to the Blog being “dark” for a time. I might make that one up someday, as well.


“The Mob of the Maroon Magpies?” …Um, would they happen to be that secret organization headed by Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Heckle?

If so, I think I’ve had a run in with them! Oh, they’re SLY… so keep your rabbit-ears up!


Funny you should evoke thoughts of some screwy publisher “putting out two issues of UNCLE SCROOGE on the same day”! Hold that thought until a very near future post!


Thanks for even a hint of any comparison with Mark Evanier – but (as is often said as a cliché – but in this instance is appropriately heartfelt), “I’m not worthy!”

Not as a blogger, and especially not as a writer! But, whether he knows it or not, and owing to our early-eighties mail correspondence, he’s been a mentor of mine for decades!

I’m just pleased to have “picked-up the Blogging pace” to something more regular of late, despite my (all together now) Horrifically Busy State – and, as I may have previously noted, I have plenty of “Adventures in Comic-Boxing” and “Separated At Mirth” posts pre-written, and just waiting to strike, in time-release fashion, at you unsuspecting folks!

…Beware - be ye Man or Violet Hare!

The Mob of the Maroon Magpie said...

By the by, Joe, you wouldn't happen to know the location of any ancient artifacts, would you? We know the Horde of the Violet Hare are always looking for them, and if we could get to one first, it sure would annoy them! How dare they call us fiends!
Oh, and Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Heckle say hi!
-The Mob of the Maroon Magpie

Joe Torcivia said...

The most “ancient artifact” ‘round here is probably ME!

…And if *I* had any power, I haven’t discovered it yet!

The Mob of the Maroon Magpie said...

Darn! I guess we'll have to go back to stealing celebratory cakes!
-The Mob of the Maroon Magpie

Joe Torcivia said...

What?! An old comic writer and blogger ain't good enuff fer ye? Bah!

Apparently, I *DO* have the power to draw odd Secret Organizations out into the open... if nothing else!

The Secret League of Orange-Bearded Gnomes said...

Apparently, I *DO* have the power to draw odd Secret Organizations out into the open....

I concur.

scarecrow33 said...

You also have the power to start a tune playing over and over in someone's head--see above "Flintstones" reference! It's actually the "ohhh" that starts each fresh refrain that I've got stuck in my "mind's ear." That part just keeps repeating and repeating ad nauseum.

Congratulations on the 900th post! Almost uncountable hours of laughs, shared joys, enlightenment, and just plain fun. And did I mention laughs? This could very well be "The Laughing Place" for many folks if there wasn't already a blog of that name somewhere. Not only to we get a chance to re-visit old friends (fictional and real) but we also get our horizons broadened, a chance to visit the past that was and explore the past that might have been and futures that may or may not come to pass. Plus, share some laughs. Oh--and did I mention laughs?

Yes, by all means let's get your take on "Night of the Living Text"--one of the most bizarre, mind-bending Mickey stories of all time, and one that kept me engaged the whole way. Just when you thought there were no fresh possibilities for new Mouse adventures, along comes one that fosters major meta-cognition and in my case, required frequent flips back and forth to make sure I was following it correctly. I will be very eager to read your commentary on this unique and amazing story.

Congratulations again on the 900! (Almost up there with Methuselah now!)

The Gang of the Green Gorilla said...

We, the Gang of the Green Gorilla, object to the notion that we are in any way odd. While maroon magpies and violet hares are certainly ludicrous ideas, there is nothing odd about being a gang of green gorillas. Why, we know many green gorillas. In fact, all gorillas are green.

And if you remember otherwise, then we just haven't brainwashed you hard enough.

The Legion of the Chartreuse Tortoise said...

We here at The Legion of the Chartreuse Tortoise also wish you all the best on your upcoming milestone. We also regret to inform everyone that, due to budgetary issues (we have no budget to speak of), we will no longer be able to search for the Fire Eye of Atlantis. Also, Debbie says that if we keep taking her phone without asking, she's going to send us to the local animal shelter. Quite a humiliating fate for a supposed secret organization bent on world conquest through the discovery of ancient artifacts of power, wouldn't you agree? Now if you'll excuse me, Squinky's Diner is having a special today...buy a Squinkburger plate and get a free slice of Squinkberry pie! I better get going before they run out of pie!
Definitely NOT Fluffy and Mervin,
The Legion of the Chartreuse Tortoise, signing off for the final time.

Joe Torcivia said...


I cannot thank you enough for your kind words! If ever there was a reason to produce 900 more posts, you’ve just provided it!

Unrelated… I want to let you know just how much I enjoyed THE THREE MOUSEKETEERS thus far! (See the comments of the post on SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP # 36.) I’ve read Issues # 1 and 3 of the 1970 reprint series, and have the rest on order. Will very likely proceed into the original 1950s series as well.

Funny, so many of the covers depict the mice being menaced by, or outsmarting, a CAT… yet there’s no sign of a cat in either of the two issues I’ve read. I’ll assume this comes eventually.

I’ll really make a go at a post on “Night of the Living Text” eventually. I want to have it out there as well.

Joe Torcivia said...

To the Gang of Gangrene-d Gorillas:

Gorillas are NOT green! Gorillas are NOT green! Gorillas are NOT green! …I *must* keep telling myself!

Oh, but wait… the GORILLA at THIS LINK may not be green… but at least the COVER is!

Joe Torcivia said...

Those who are NOT Fluffy and Mervin:

I hope Debbie takes the phone away, gags your mouths, plugs your ears, and forces your eyes wide-open to read those awful Charlton Hanna-Barbera comics!

Compare this link with the last one, folks!

Society of the Rhyming Dove said...

Hello, Joe, good blogging gent/
I have discovered these comments/
I see that you have connections/
With many secret organizations/
Because of this, I'm here to say/
You should be very wary/
For you've attracted the attention of/
The Society of the Rhyming Dove

Joe Torcivia said...

Egad! This is enough to make me quit blogging before Post # 901!

Of course it won't because Post # 901 is already written and scheduled on time-release for 7:30 AM tomorrow - April 30, 2018!

Now... If we never see Post # 902, you'll know why! :-)

Mary had a little lamb/
It's fleece was white as snow/
Mary borrowed a buck/
From Scrooge McDuck/
And now she'll owe... owe...owe!

...Somebody wanna cue Post # 901... QUICK!

Debbie Anne said...

Wow...tying someone up and making them read Charlton Hanna-Barbera comics is cruel and unusual punishment...I'm not that much of a monster. You certainly won't hear any more from T.L.O.T.C.T or Fluffy and Mervin ever again.

Joe Torcivia said...

...And all it took was to invoke Charlton?!

Gosh, if only ALL warfare was that easy!

Spectrus (who is not a robot) said...

"I guess we'll have to go back to stealing celebratory cakes!"

SPOILER - this actually happens in one of Faraci's great Casey/Brick Boarder stories!

Oh, and congrats Joe!

Joe Torcivia said...

Thank you Spectrus!

…And no matter if you ARE a “Robot” – ‘cause we LIKE Robots ‘round here.

I’m guessing that’s from ANOTHER “Casey/Brick Boulder” story. It’s certainly not the one I did.