Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

To everyone who makes this Blog such a joy to host, Happy Thanksgiving 2017 – to you and everyone who means something to you!  …And even all those others – it’s a holiday, after all! 

I'm even thankful that Dell did SO MANY Thanksgiving covers over the years, that I've never had to repeat!  


joecab said...

You too Joe! :D

Elaine said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Esther, Joe! May you enjoy the holiday weekend uninvaded by Horrific Busyness.

If you haven't checked out Feathery Society lately, look at the "McGreals' Three Minus Two Is Zero" thread, and if it's still there, the first reply has a link to the story in English scanlation. A nice addition to our "back to school" stories.

While as you know I have Disney comics stories I re-read every year on a bunch of special days, including the day after Labor Day (official back-to-school!), Halloween and Christmas, I don't have Thanksgiving stories that I re-read. None of the turkey stories really stands out to me. I wish someone had written a story focusing on the Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma Duck's farm, with fun family dynamics. I wonder what everyone brings to contribute to the meal? Gladstone could contribute the turkey he always wins in a raffle. Scrooge would bring dented cans of cranberry sauce, seconds from his factory. Donald would bring sweet potatoes topped with marshmallow, which Hortense always made when he and Della were kids. I picture Huey, Dewey and Louie helping Grandma grind up the apple and sausage for the stuffing with Grandma's old-fashioned meat grinder clamped onto the edge of the counter. Daisy might come and bring a pie, if her sister's family (including April, May and June) spend Thanksgiving at her sister's husband's parents' house. How do you picture the gathering?

Debbie Anne said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

Joe Torcivia said...

JoeC, Elaine, and Deb:

And the happiest of Thanksgivings right back at ‘cha!

Elaine asks: “How do you picture the gathering?”

Um… With ME right in the middle of all of that great food, living it up!

That is, until the Thanksgiving Table Discussion turns (…as Thanksgiving Table Discussions are wont to do) to every character complaining about the way I write their dialogue!

Donald, especially, feels I should make him sound more brave, stalwart, devil-may-care, and heroic!

...Yeah, like THAT'LL happen! >Snort!<