Saturday, September 9, 2017

On Sale June 28, 2017: JONAH HEX / YOSEMITE SAM # 1 from DC Comics.

Great horny-toads! Stop a-readin' this here Blog post, an' haul yer gol-danged, lilly-livered, rassa-frakin' carcas down ta yer local comic book shop, an' pick up a copy of JONAH HEX / YOSEMITE SAM # 1 from DC Comics, ya idjit galoot!  

It's th' Shoot-'em-first-iest, Doggone-worst-iest, William-Randolph-Hearst-iest comic this side o' Th' Pecos... or any other side, too... So there!  
...Even if that ornery galoot Jonah Hex gits top billin'! 

As with other issues in this wonderful series that I’ve reviewed, such as LOBO/ROAD RUNNER and BATMAN/ELMER FUDD, JONAH HEX/YOSEMITE SAM features two stories – a lead set in the DC Comics Universe, and a backup set in the Looney Tunes Universe.  

Batman and Elmer Fudd in the "DCU"!
This has made for a very successful format thus far, and this issue is no exception. 

Lobo and The Road Runner in the "LTU"!

For the lead, back in them thar hills of Old Colorado, Yosemite Sam strikes it rich. 
He sure TALKS like the Sam we know!  Nice touch! 

His partners, some real bad lookin' dudes, try to double (...or, would that be "triple") cross him…

But, as one might expect a “realistic” version of Sam to do, he comes out a-shootin’! 

Digression: Of the Looney Tunes characters appearing in issues of this series I've reviewed so far, Sam REALLY looks very much like his Friz-Freleng-Animated-Self...

...Doesn't he?  

Even here in BATMAN/ELMER FUDD...

And he's correctly SHORT, compared to Hex and other characters! 

End of Digression. 

Traveling alone with his gold, he saves the life of a “traveling circus freak” – freaky in that mutant-man-rooster sorta way, who goes by the familiar name of Foghorn Leghorn!  

He stops with this classic Yosemite Sam bit!

The two outcasts become friends, as outcasts in westerns are wont to do. 

He also meets famed (and feared) bounty hunter Jonah Hex…

...Who probably had a similar (but opposite-sided) origin to Batman's "Two Face"!

Sam hires Hex as a bodyguard.
Notice how Sam "looks-up" to Hex?  ...And I don't mean "looks-up" in the hero-worship-kinda-way.  He just LOOKS UP!

And, with that arrangement, the fun begins!  There’s boxing…


…And lots of other fun, Jonah Hex style. 

If Jonah Hex isn't the life of the party... YOU tell him!

But, no more spoilers.  To our second story…

Just LOOK at the GREAT STUFF Dave Alvarez does here!

While the backup in BATMAN / ELMER FUDD was disappointingly tepid (especially for a series of specials that has otherwise shown remarkable creativity)...

...JONAH HEX / YOSEMITE SAM's backup is utterly amazing for multiple reasons!  Let me count the ways...

Dave Alvarez, whose work I have ALWAYS enjoyed, from DC's LOONEY TUNES to IDW's DISNEY line...

...Really outdoes himself here with...

...Cute little bunnies in the snow...

...Yosemite Sam, as if he leaped off of John Kricfalusi's drawing board...

...A "DC Animated" version of Jonah Hex...

...And, the BEST classic, Bob Clampett style BUGS BUNNY, since the great cartoon "Buckaroo Bugs"! 

We haven't had such amazing comic-book things done with Looney Tunes characters, perhaps since we used to have things like these!

YOU STILL HERE, CRITTER?!  I told ya to GIT A GOIN', ya dad-burn idjit galoot, an' git yerself a copy of JONAH HEX/YOSEMITE SAM!
Just follow Bugs... He's off to get his copy now! 

Then, git yerself to our Comments Section, an' spill yer guts...
...on this great DC Comic!  

...Of course, don't "spill 'em" on YOUR COPY of the comic...
...And, especially, don't "spill 'em" on MINE!

...And, for MORE FUN WITH JONAH HEX, check out SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP # 28 released just one month later!

...Yes, really!  


Comicbookrehab said...

This reads like an alternate universe version of Stan Lee's "Soapbox", in which he writes like Shakespearean Cowboy instead of a Shakespearean Pirate. Instead of "Excelsior!", he'll say "Slap Leather, Effendi!"

And when I read that date, I was like..."Joe built a time machine?"

I regret not picking this up when it came out.
All the positive buzz has made those books less easy to get, even the less-talked-about books, like "Wonder Woman-Tazmanian Devil". Since only Batman-Elmer Fudd was reprinted, I think I might have to wait for the trade.

Joe Torcivia said...


If’n yore a-likenin’ me ta that thar gunslinger Stan Lee… though, we’re both more likely to sling WORDS, than guns (Joe says unwittingly slipping out of western-character), then consider me… a-complemented, Pardner! Really, it was just an attempt to show that I could write “Yosemite Sam-type dialogue”, in the event there are any foreign Sam (or other Looney Tunes) stories in need of my specialty of translation and dialogue. After all, man must not live by Disney alone!

No, I didn’t build a time machine, as much as other posts and obligations came up, delaying this post from a publish-time closer to the release of this comic. Besides, it would be much easier to stow away on Gyro Gearloose’s time machine, like Princess Oona, than try to build my own!

I was caught napping on this series as well. It first came to my notice with LOBO / ROAD RUNNER, and I was lucky enough to still find copies of WONDER WOMAN / TASMANIAN DEVIL and LEGION OF SUPERHEROES / BUGS BUNNY still on the shelves.

But, I had completely missed MARTIAN MANHUNTER / MARVIN THE MARTIAN! Couldn’t find it in other shops either. One store-person said that this series was such an unexpected success that the earlier issues were seriously under-ordered.

Finally, after expending enough effort on the search, I just decided to order it from Mile High Comics. They have regular sales of 30 to 50 % off, so look for one of those, and pick up anything you missed. …Or wait for second printings, or a trade. No matter, get every one of these! They’re way worth it!

…It’s not completely unlikely that I will review the remaining issues in this series, as situations allow, even if those reviews “look late”, because the issues are so good!

Pelayo Y. F. Viriato said...

"Of the Looney Tunes characters appearing in issues of this series I've reviewed so far, Sam REALLY looks very much like his Friz-Freleng-Animated-Self..."

Happily, he also looks like Friz Freleng himself.

This is appropriate, since Yosemite Sam was apparently meant to be a caricature of Freleng.

Joe Torcivia said...

Yes, indeed… Short and fiery was Friz!

Here are the FIRST LINK and the SECOND LINK, for greater ease of viewing.

Marc Whinston said...

Joe Torcivia said...

That’s SO great, Marc!

HERE is Marc’s link for your listening pleasure!

Now, where’s the Jonah Hex kiddie record? Oh, wait… Never mind!