Tuesday, July 11, 2017

It’s a Bird! It’s a Blog! It’s Super Goof!

Everyone go over to The Big Blog of Kids’ Comics, published by Mykal, for his wonderful post on SUPER GOOF!

There, you can read the entire back-up story from Gold Key Comics' SUPER GOOF # 3, “Night Patrol” drawn by Tony Strobl, and a pair of one-page gags! 

Enjoy, leave him some comments, and tell him I sent you!  


rodineisilveira said...

I saw this topic in Mykal Banta's blog, Joe!

Joe Torcivia said...

And, if I can give him more page views via this post, Rodinei, I am pleased to do so!

Oh, and if you or anyone are wondering, the upper illustration is form the original sixties run by the great Paul Murry, while the lower one is from the IDW era of Disney comics - and dialogued / narrated by yours truly.

Somehow, I felt a Silver Age Murry and an IDW Super Goof made good bookends!