Sunday, May 28, 2017

So, We Meet Again! Harris and Hillaire.

Above is a well-known scene of Jonathan Harris as Doctor Zachary Smith and Marcel Hillaire as the alien criminal Phanzig, from the LOST IN SPACE episode “Condemned of Space” (1967). 

And, here is a not so well-known scene of Jonathan Harris as Bradford Webster and Marcel Hillaire as French Police Inspector Bochet from a 1959 episode of THE THIRD MAN, a mystery / espionage series that starred the great Michael Rennie, and co-starred Jonathan Harris. 

Funny thing is that on LOST IN SPACE Hillaire was an imprisoned convict holding Harris hostage and, on THE THIRD MAN, Hillaire was a police official questioning Harris on suspicion of murder.  Whichever side of the law Hillaire was on, it was none too easy for Harris.  

"Oh dear, oh dear!  It's NEVER easy, is it?" 

Oh, and need I mention that Jonathan Harris and Michael Rennie would also “meet again” on one of the very best episodes of LOST IN SPACE – the two-part “The Keeper” (1966).  

...Naw, I don't have to mention THAT, do I?  

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