Saturday, January 16, 2016

We're Back?

We may have finally turned the corner from the (all together now) "Horrifically Busy Period" during which, over the last two weeks or so, my "Day-Job" turned into my "Day-Night-And-Weekend-Job"!

Today, I begin taking my life back, and the first thing I'm gonna do is take an overdue trip to the comic book shop and pick up these...

I also apologize for this Blog going dark for a week.  There have been MANY GREAT COMMENTS that I have received, but have not had the opportunity to publish.  That will come shortly.  

I'm also sorry for not posting on the ALSO MANY GREAT IDW Disney comics that have been released over December and January!  

And, there have been OTHER GREAT COMICS, such as the final issue of BATMAN '66 - an amazing narrative and visual love letter to the TV series - and the best issue of the series!  I sure hope to discuss that one here!  

Let alone that I've hardly mentioned the 50 th Anniversary of LOST IN SPACE, and the UTTERLY AMAZING BLU-RAY SET that was released by FOX for the occasion!  

I'm also working on "Scrooge vs. Rockerduck with Donald as a poor pawn" story that I will have completed a first draft of next week.  

And just getting all of life back to normal.  

Good stuff will be coming - and, hopefully, more regularly now.  So, please keep visiting!  


Clapton said...

Do u still plan to port your old Don R Christensen Bugs Bunny article to the blog. I'm still looking forward to reading it.
Glad to have you back Joe!

Joe Torcivia said...

I am glad to BE back, Clapton!

As noted, I got the outstanding comics and also BATMAN ‘66 meets The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (Does anything get more ‘60s that that?) and the final issue of “GROO Friends and Foes”, which I will now have to catch up on.

For those keeping score, I read MICKEY MOUSE # 8 immediately, before catching up on the rest of my ignored domestic responsibilities. It was worth it!

Yes, I certainly do plan to reformat my Don R. Christensen and Tony Strobl Bugs Bunny piece for the Blog. Now, I’d also have to get the particular book and do illustrative scans as well. Knowing that you want it will also help bring it to fruition. But, I expect there will be some IDW and other recent stuff to come before it. I have not posted on some really great IDW comics and, as things continue to lighten up (and we’re not COMPLETELY out of the woods yet), I plan to do so.

Also, please direct your attention to the previous two posts where Abraham Lincoln and Retro-Deb have left some great comments that I was unable to publish during my blackout period. And David made an absolutely amazing contribution to the previous post that you all must check out!

Clapton said...

Did you notice that Scarpa still wrote "Necklace" in 4 panel daily strip-esqe episodes. I did on my second read and I liked the story all the more for it! Man I love this Scarpa guy!

Joe Torcivia said...


Honestly, I did not notice that… but “not noticing things” isn’t unusual for me during a “horrifically busy period”! Of course, I haven’t yet taken a “second read”. Anyone else out there notice that? I’m curious…

I think we ALL love “this Scarpa guy”! He’s one of the most prolific and respected Disney comic book creators worldwide, and it’s been my honor to work with his material as I have.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Picked up Mickey Mouse 8 and Donald Duck 9 at the shop yesterday. Interesting to see the new IDW issue number/author credits format, which seems to be universal as they changed it likewise on the newest Back to the Future issue. I see your name made it into the billing across the top for *both* issues, though, so here's to hoping for good puns from duck and mouse! I'll be back with an update whenever I've read the two.

Joe Torcivia said...


Just curious… Did you happen to be lurking in my den this afternoon, peeking over my shoulder as I began to catch up on my Blog posts?

Because, if you were, you’d have seen me preparing a post on those very same cover format changes! Come back and look for it tomorrow!

Looking forward to your comments, though “no Mouse” for me this month. I only did the Super Goof backup in MM # 8! A short story, where I had lots of fun with the captions. Think really hard, and you might remember where you saw this villain before! He did appear once before in the States – and in the modern era! Not one of my usual “Silver Age Obscurities”!