Thursday, August 27, 2015

Just Some More Editorial Brilliance from IDW!

Was anyone else reading IDW’s MICKEY MOUSE # 3 (Legacy Numbering # 312, released on August 26, 2015) as delightfully stunned as I was at the panels below?

If you weren’t, consider that this very same month’s DONALD DUCK # 4 featured Yetis…

And, this very same month’s UNCLE SCROOGE # 5 featured the Grand Canyon! 

How about THAT!

...And, yes, he has indeed had "wilder adventures"

If the IDW Disney Comic Book line is a DREAM, I don’t wanna wake up!   

...Even from a "dream" like this! 

Oh, wait... That's better! 


Clapton said...

Is this where we'll be discussing U$#5 (which we haven't really talked about yet), MM#3 and WDC&S#722? Just asking cause if you're doing an individual post on any of those issues I'll save my comment.

Joe Torcivia said...

I can’t really say exactly which issues I’ll be doing individualized posts for going forward, Clapton.

Now that the “Core Four” titles are all going full force, it’s no longer an easy thing for me to have individual posts for each issue, given life’s other obligations. And, even if I did, I don’t necessarily want this Blog to be “All IDW, all the time”, at the expense of some of the other things I’d care to discuss.

I can say with absolute certainty that I will have individual posts for any issue that my work appears in (UNCLE SCROOGE # 7 and MICKEY MOUSE # 6, to name two) – and other selected ones. I still have an unpublished post on the NEW ARCHIE # 1, waiting for the proper time to publish. There are other comics I’d like to discuss, DVDs, obituaries, and the like.

However, I’d still like this to be the place where people come to discuss this great line of comics, because we’ve honestly had some wonderful discussions and I want that momentum to continue.

For instance, I really wanted to do a full post for MICKEY MOUSE # 3, but could not manage it this week, or even this coming weekend, so this post, focusing on one aspect of the issue, is here instead. I may still do the full one but, if I’m unable to do so, I wanted to bring this “Yeti / Canyon Confluence” to light.

I’d say that ANY IDW post is fair game to discuss an IDW comic, even if that specific comic is not the main subject of the post. So, worry not about being “off topic”.

top_cat_james said...

Well, gee, now we finally know what IDW stands for: I Don't Wanna wake up.

Can't wait for the latest addition to the Snore Four lineup - "Walt Disney's Comatose Comics & Stupor Stories". I trust your contributions won't be yawn-inducing., because sales would soon drop off, and your editor will receive a harsh awakening. So, please, no sleepwalking through your assignments.

And for those of you who are displeased that you will now have to abide 50+ comments of "bad sleep jokes", my reaction thusly is: ZZZZZZZZZZZZ...

Also...Floyd Goat fredson. *Oops, wrong post!*

Joe Torcivia said...

What amazes me most about your comment, TCJ, is that no one in the previous comment thread thought to trot out “Floyd Goat fredson” – including ME! …I’m so ashamed!

…If “Yu-goat-slavia” still existed, I’d run there and hide!

And, yeah… With your barrage of “Bad Sleep Jokes”, replacing “Bad Goat Jokes”, maybe we’ll have a “Bad (fill-in-the-blank) Jokes” contest in each and every one of these threads! As David, Scarecrow33, and I noted in the last thread, it’s just like the Gold Key Comics Club – only FUNNY!

It’ll be livelier than a troop of Junior (Sawing-)Woodchucks! There’s my first “Bad Sleep Joke”!

Though, one phrase that’ll NEVER apply to IDW would be “Snore Four”!

Deb said...

What? Not Walt Dreamy's Comas and Snories? Drowsy Duck? Or my favorite, Uncle Snooze?

Joe Torcivia said...

That's the sleepy-spirit, Deb!

Elaine said...

Yup, I noticed the Confluence of Yetis, all right! I really enjoyed "Reform and Void". My favorite panel:

--I call it the no-longer-reformed-tie-up-o-matic.
--Ooh, nice name!

That cracks me up.

In "The Mysterious Crystal Ball," I was interested to see how the story worked despite the 1950's tech (thinking back to your greater challenge re: retro-tech). I rolled with the TV tubes and even the "kinescope" film. The only time I was pulled out of the story by noticing its age was when Shamrock Bones said "A great detective is always on hand when there is trouble! Don't you listen to your radio?" I assume that's a reference to fictional radio programs? Oh, and then there was the all-male, all-white police force!

Joe Torcivia said...


That “Yeti / Canyon Confluence” thing was either one incredible coincidence, or a typically amazing and sharp-eyed move on the part of David. No surprise, I’m betting on the latter.

I think we should all give considerable props to Colette Bezio for such a great story, I’d imagine most likely produced under some serious restrictions in both content and format!

I’d say "The Mysterious Crystal Ball" worked quite well, as long as one views and regards it strictly in terms of 1954. For all the reasons you mentioned and probably more. It’s also a story that HAS appeared historically in the United States, therefore there is no reason for it to be updated.

For new readers, or those less steeped in Mickey Mouse comic book lore than I, the fact that Shamrock Bones is a different character – in both appearance and his being a sort of “super detective” is probably less bothersome, or not noticed at all. This is not the character we generally know from other stories – whom Paul Murry would not draw correctly until 1969 (Detail on this HERE). But, he was still fun to have around. I would have preferred that they named him something other than “Shamrock Bones”, though.

Deb said...

Shamrock Bones' response no doubt is referring to Sherlock Holmes and his many radio adventures. I quite enjoyed seeing an early Paul Murry Mickey Mouse serial all in one issue. Murry's art in this one is quite a treat for the eyes. Seems like we had an interesting month of Disney Comics, with Donald gaining the perfect calm, and Mickey getting a bit new-agey as well, predicting the future in the crystal ball, plus the ongoing search for the Zodiac Stones in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories.

Elaine said...

Yes, I see that in the Inducks page on "The Mysterious Crystal Ball," Inducks lists this character as "Shamrock Bones from WDC 164", and when you click on that, it says "this character appears in only one story." So Inducks clearly indicates that this is a completely different character from the Shamrock Bones of all the stories in the list you linked to. Yes, I also wish they had used a different name for him.

So far, my favorite story featuring the *real* Shamrock Bones is "The Case of the Talking Bone." But there are several of the American stories I haven't ever read, mostly ones that were originally published in three parts in WDC. When I gathered stories with different Holmesian characters some years ago, I wasn't willing to buy three old issues of WDC to get one story! The Holmesian characters include: Shamrock Bones, Surefoot Jones (Don Markstein), Sherlock Bohns (from Transgaard's "An Impossible Crime," the German version), Sherlock Mouse (from Vic Lockman's "The Hound of Basketville"), Sheerluck Goof (John Blair Moore), The Sleuth, and three from Muppet comics: Wormwood Soames, Kermlock Holmes, and "Muppet Sherlock Holmes," played by Gonzo! And then there's Daisy Holmes, who acts as governess to a certain young Arthur....

Joe Torcivia said...


Funny about that “radio thing” that even I, knowing full well that the story dated from 1954, initially thought Bones was referring to listening to the POLICE radio… then, I quickly realized differently.

Glad to see some love for Paul Murry! He’s way too underappreciated for all his longevity and historical significance.

Oh, and EVERY MONTH since IDW began is “…an interesting month of Disney Comics”!

Joe Torcivia said...


I *had* noticed that "The Mysterious Crystal Ball" was NOT among the Shamrock Bones stories listed in the link. And, I figured that Inducks regarded this version as a different character, just as I have always done.

But, I am somewhat surprised to see such a “story-specific” citation for this version the character! And, considering ALL the many variants on Holmes-ian names – more than both IDW and Boom! combined had variant Disney covers, it SHOULD have been an easy task to have named this different super-detective something other than “Shamrock Bones”.

Perhaps the name was just lying around the Western offices, or languishing in Carl Fallberg’s head. Not unlike what I do with things like "Goat-Ham City", which failed to make two other stories, but did make ONE – and also found its way into my recent litany of “Bad Goat Jokes”.

…And, that’s quite a Holmes collection! You should watch the “Trials of the Demon” episode of BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD, which I describe in THIS POST!

Elaine said...

Well, this variant Shamrock Bones doesn't appear in the Inducks alphabetical index of characters--where they don't usually include any one-shot characters. But I imagine they listed him this way on the story's page (and its character-name link) explicitly to make it clear that he WAS a different "Shamrock Bones".

And in my list I actually forgot Basil of Baker Street, The Great Mouse Detective! I have European stories featuring him, too. Not an adaptation of the movie--original stories.

Deb, thanks for confirming that there were Sherlock Holmes radio adventures.

Clapton said...

Joe, I'm currently working on a review of "Crystal Ball" . It should be up sometime this afternoon. I'm not asking to suspend conversation on it here cause I've brough up a lot of things no one has commented on yet. Will let u know when it's up.

Joe Torcivia said...

Looking forward to your review, Clapton.

We can discuss it in more than one place!

Clapton said...

Hey Joe, Part one of my review of "The Mysterious Crystal Ball" is up. Check it out and comment please!

Joe Torcivia said...

Everyone get over there and read Clapton’s review HERE! I’ll see you there!

I don’t need a crystal ball to predict he will have an interesting take on numerous aspects of the story! Why? Because I just read the review myself. Though there ARE spoilers, so beware.