Sunday, June 28, 2015

Happy Comic Shop Retirement!

I've had many memorable experiences in the realm of comic books, first as a reader, later as an active fan, and, in recent years, as a content creator - but never one quite like this.  

Today was the "retirement day" for my comic shop of choice for more than the last two decades - Bailey's Comics, of Lindenhurst, NY, or more specifically for its longtime owner, whose name I will not mention in case he doesn't want the publicity.  

I could not be more satisfied with my experiences at Bailey's Comics, at which I've been a regular (again) for more than 20 years!  Or, for the readers of this Blog - and on the Disney licensed publisher scale - since Gladstone Series II.  

I would recommend Bailey's Comics to anyone and everyone reading this... and, guess what - I STILL CAN!  

I STILL CAN because, despite my longtime friend's retirement and the ending of that particular store...

Bailey's Comics has moved to a new location just up the road, and remains in very familiar and friendly hands!  

So, if you're ever in the neighborhood, stop by 282 North Wellwood Avenue, Lindenhurst, NY 11757 - and say "Hi!" to Trung... and, if you happen to go on a day one of my IDW Disney comics is out (...the next one of which is pictured below), you might even meet me there!  

Oh, the Yogi Bear illustration that leads off this post?  

That has been stuck on one of the walls of Bailey's Comics as far back as its stated copyright date of 1997 - and I have gotten a "lift" from seeing each time I visited the old store!  It's a wonderful, lively image!  

At the retirement celebration today, I mentioned how much I liked seeing it over the years... and now I have it, and will place it onto one of my own comic book cabinets!  

Odd, considering all those years as a Bailey's Comics patron, there has never been a Yogi Bear comic book for me to buy there - save this one odd issue...

...But, Yogi Bear will be my final remembrance of the old Bailey's Comics.  That and, of course, lots of great comics - and the equally great service and attention that came *with* those great comics!

See you, in person or in spirit, for that same wonderful experience at the NEW Bailey's Comics!

  A retirement napkin from today's celebration! 


joecab said...

Until your explanation, I was expecting a Bailey's Comets picture!

Joe Torcivia said...

Oh, my... Even *I* didn't remember that series, until you brought it up! I guess the pun on "Halley's Comet" was as irresistible to the comic shop owner, as it was to DePatie / Freleng.