Monday, December 22, 2014

Derek the Halls!

I don't know about you but, whenever I think of the holidays,  I always think of Derek Jeter!

His timely hits, great defensive play, and festive clubhouse leadership just scream "Merry Christmas to One and All"!  

Sleigh-bellscaroling, and The Captain!  That's the spirit! 

And, in that very spirit, the YES Network (the television home of the New York Yankees) has seen fit to promote (wait for it...) A Christmas Day Derek Jeter Marathon for December 25, 2014!  

You've done the "Twelve Days of Christmas", now try "Twelve Hours of The Captain"!  

The details are below: 

12:00 PM
Derek Jeter: Salute 2 The Captain
Derek Jeter special
2:00 PM
Jeter's 3,000th hit: Tampa Bay @ Yankees 7/9/11
Yankees Classics
5:00 PM
Yankees Access: Derek Jeter
New York Yankees behind-the-scenes series
5:30 PM
Derek Jeter's Final Home Game (9/25/14)
Yankees Classics
9:30 PM
Moments of Glory: Derek Jeter
No description available at this time
10:00 PM
Derek Jeter: Salute 2 The Captain
Derek Jeter special

All times listed are Eastern Time (ET.)

I know there are plenty of Holiday TV Marathons out there to choose from but, oddly, this particularly unusual one seems compelling enough to drop in on, even if for only a short time - and the notion of seeing baseball on Christmas Day!

All I can say to Derek Jeter and the YES Network is... Merry Christmas... and, er... "Bravo"!  

"Oh, Mama!  If I could only be like Derek Jeter!"  

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