Saturday, November 22, 2014

Animation Writer Len Uhley Honored

Here's an item I stumbled upon purely by chance, but might be of interest to the readers of this Blog.

Len Uhley, perhaps the best writer for the collection of animated TV shows we've come to know as THE DISNEY AFTERNOON, is being honored by the Writer's Guild of America.  The details can be found HERE - and my profound apologies for the annoyance of having to watch an ad in order to read the piece. 

I was introduced to the work of Len Uhley in this wonderful episode of the Disney TV series DUCKTALES.  Chris Barat writes far more about the episode at THIS LINK.  

Do continue into the Comments Section of Chris' Blog post, to find yours truly heaping much additional praise on the episode.  It saves me from having to write more here.  Efficient, eh?   

From that point on, I noticed that anything under the DISNEY AFTERNOON umbrella with Uhley's name attached to it was generally a cut about the rest.  

Uhley was also a contributor to the classic-era DISNEY AFTERNOON series GUMMI BEARS, DARKWING DUCK, and TALE SPIN - the later of which we'll be posting more about very soon.  

The full list of Len Uhley's TV writing credits can be found HERE.  

Congratulations to Len Uhley on his much deserved honor!  


Chris Barat said...


Don't forget that Uhley also contributed to DARKWING DUCK ("Duck Blind") and BONKERS ("Quibbling Rivalry"), just to name a couple of other WDTVA series.

He was the great constant of the glory days of WDTVA.


Joe Torcivia said...


I *did* mention DARKWING DUCK, of course… though the less said about BONKERS, perhaps the better! :-)

Len Uhley certainly was the standout writer, over all the series he worked on.