Thursday, June 19, 2014

R.I.P. Carla Laemmle (at 104)!

Carla Laemmle was born on October 20, 1909, and left us on June 12, 2014, at the age of 104! 

Ms. Laemmle was an actress who appeared in the ultra-classic 1931 Bela Lugosi version of "Dracula"... well as "The Phantom of the Opera" and other such roles of the era, as her IMDB entry shows. 

Here she is, in her "Dracula" role as "Coach Passenger", which is how IMDB describes her part.  ...And having a bumpy ride of it!

She was also the niece of Universal Pictures founder Carl Laemmle. 

It's utterly amazing that someone that appeared in "Dracula" was alive -- and apparently STILL WORKING -- until a few days ago. 

Mark Evanier tells us more, at THIS LINK

Rest In Peace. Ms. Carla Laemmle.


Anonymous said...

There is some old maxim that people who appear on the six o' clock news because they are celebrating their 100th (or higher) birthday are usually not famous for anything else. There are some exceptions, of course, including Bob Hope and George Burns.

We can add Carla Laemmle to that list. Her appearances in classic Universal horror films would have been enough to rate a blog post.


Joe Torcivia said...

And, that’s exactly why we celebrate her here, TC!

Just imagine that we had ANYONE who appeared in those films – and, as I noted, was still an active presence today – with us until just last week, is more than ample cause.