Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This is Post # 600! (...with UPDATE!)

Next month, we’ll have been doing this for FIVE YEARS – and today marks 600 POSTS! 

Hard to believe you could stand this much of whatever it is we do around here!  But, thanks for doing so! 

Here are the covers of comic books I own that have also made it to # 600.  Alas, none of them, venerable though they are (were?), still exist in the incarnations that got them to # 600 – and one of them no longer exists at all (Guess which one!  Hint:  It’s first up!)


And, maybe that’s why I’ve retired from new comics… Because that which made them great (or, at the very least, was responsible for their longevity) is gone.  But, that’s another topic for another time.  

In response to those 600 posts, there have been 1920 comments!  So, a hearty Thank You!”, to one and all, for keeping things so lively!   

UPDATE:  Friend of this Blog “JoeCab” reminds me that the DELL FOUR COLOR series reached Number 600 a very long time ago with the comic below! 

I am both ashamed and horrified that I (of all people) would make this omission. 

Also, in the unlikely event that Disney comics ever return let us hope that Disney never revives this title, because they’d probably modernize it in typically inappropriate fashion as…


In which Daisy vapidly comments on the minutest aspects of her uninteresting cyber-life to an online world that could care less!   This, of course, would be the “HOUSE OF MOUSE” obnoxious, incessantly blathering, animated version of Daisy – and not the more traditional Barks version. 

"We're 'BFFs' Forever!" 

"..But that's REDUNDANT!" 

"...So, who wants to just be 'DUNDANT'!"  

She “friends” Minnie, Clarabelle, Brigitta MacBridge, Rebecca Cunningham, and all the Disney Princesses… and very likely “unfriends” Trudy Van Tubb.   

I hope I’m never called to work on this comic… unless I get to do the story where Trudy sends Pete after Daisy to get revenge for the “unfriending”!   That COULD be fun! 


joecab said...

And thank YOU Joe for your ever-entertaining articles and reviews! There's never any doubt where you stand on a subject, and I luvvit :)

Here's to the next 600! *clink*

(Wait, no Four Color #600? Hmm let's see what that one was ... eww, a Daisy Duck's Diary? Noooo thanks!)

Joe Torcivia said...

You’re as much a part of it as I am, Joe C.! And, I thank you for that!

ACK! Four Color # 600? What a staggering omission – especially coming from ME!

I guess it’s easy to just think of issues bearing the number “600” as all coming out of a certain time period – and it’s NOT the 1950s! But sure, Four Color would be the FIRST series to achieve ANY number in comic book-dom!

I’ll have to look it up and, if it’s something I have in my collection (per the post’s text), I’ll put it up later today – with an attribution to you!

Chris Barat said...


This... IS... TIAH!!! Times two!

Congratulations on achieving this milestone!


Joe Torcivia said...

And, thanks for your part in it, Chris – from the very beginning!

scarecrow33 said...

Congratulations, Joe!

Amazing how our minds work--when I saw that #600, I immediately thought of WDC & S #600, and it was the first title you had posted!
I enjoy the cover gallery of issue 600's...I only own the first two that are shown, but now I'm inspired to look for the others.

Thanks for this great blog, which is ever informative, challenging, and delightful (by "challenging" I mean, opening up my awareness to things I hadn't known about before, like last week's "3 Strangers" movie). Love the "lo-o-ong" reviews, so please keep 'em coming, as well as (of course) all the Disney and H-B stuff--along with everything else! Can always guarantee an enjoyable time reading a new Joe post.

Best wishes--for now and always!

Joe Torcivia said...

And thank you, Scarecrow, for such a great series of comments!

I’ll keep ‘em coming, if all you guys’ll keep commenting! I don’t ever want to feel like I’m whistling to myself, here! …And, with this kind of friendly community support, I don‘t think I ever will be!

There will be a rather unusual “Looong Review” coming Thursday morning (No hints!) – and, sometime after that, a partial review of the first TAZ-MANIA DVD.

That one will be “partial”, because you’ll quickly see the high regard I have for TAZ-MANIA, without delving into more than the first four episodes – and because I will also be covering, in some depth, the period of TV animation during which TAZ-MANIA came to be. I think that’s an interesting topic that hasn’t gotten nearly as much coverage or analysis as it should.

Elaine said...

I'm glad you temporarily forgot Four Color 600, because it led to your very funny riff on Daisy's Facebeak Page...which gave me several good laughs. Thanks!

Barks's world was male-dominant, but at least it was a world wherein one could imagine there to be dignified female characters (even though he rarely showed us any). The current commercial world of Disney princesses has non-villainous females permanently in a pink ghetto.

Joe Torcivia said...

That’s me, Elaine… Turning mistakes into gold! :-)

Thank you for your regular contributions to “this thing we have here” – and always glad to give you a laugh!

Funny thing is, the “Face-beak” gag was one that I’d written in a totally different context, as part of an unpublished Boom! UNCLE SCROOGE script that I called “Bad Things Come in Threes”. That script was completed just as the axe fell – and, hopefully, it’ll still be around if we ever see UNCLE SCROOGE comics again.

I was proud of that gag, and really wanted to get it published before someone else came up with it independently, and got it into print first. Kinda like the way I used “Starducks Coffee” in my first Super Goof script, and then it became, coincidently, oft-used in Boom!’s DARKWING DUCK title. Some gags are just “naturals”, and multiple minds simply just arrive at them.

I call gags and bits like this “Fifty Dollar Bills Lying on the Ground”, in that you’re glad you got to it first – and you wonder why no one else “got there” before you.

So, in my attempt at redemption from the shame of forgetting that FOUR COLOR reached almost EVERY HIGH NUMBER before any other title, inspiration struck and I repurposed “Face-beak” for an observation on (as you so perfectly put it) “The Current Commercial World of Disney Princesses” and the like.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Ugh! The concept you just pitched of a modern Daisy Duck's diary was horrifying and all too likely! I may have nightmares. Thanks.

Joe Torcivia said...

And that, naturally, was the point, Abe! This is how we might expect to see the Disney of today handle such a concept! As you say, the stuff of “nightmares”!

I’ll second your “Ugh!”, and raise you an “Ick!”

Think it can’t happen? Recall turning the once-in-a-lifetime WDC&S # 700 over to “Ultraheroes”, and ask yourself how far-fetched my jest really is!

Adel Khan said...

Wow! I can’t believe a missed a milestone post. Wish you a never ending stream of blog topics.

I shudder at the idea of a comic book entitled “Daisy’s Duck Beak”. Daisy friending Rebecca Cunnigham is worth exploring.I will get a lot of flack for mentioning this, but Daisy is one of my favourite characters. She is a good contrast to Donald. I have not read many Barks’ stories in order to get a grasp on her personality. Was there any distinction between her traits between “HOM” and Barks’ stories?

I was in the market, when I had glanced at that particular cover of Daisy and Minnie as BFFs. I am not sure as to what the fascination is of her having short hair and a band. Give me the old looking Daisy any day! It should be noted that Barks’ in his later works, experimented with her hairstyles to the extent, she was unrecognizable.

Daisy is a character that throughout the years, has played around with the hairstyles. We had not seen what she looked like in the ‘80s, perhaps she could have had a perm or frizzy hair. I didn’t care for her ponytail and air- headed personality in “HOUSE OF MOUSE”.

When watching “DUCKTALES” the absence of Daisy, had bothered me. From the writers perspective, I understand that with the absence of Donald, she had no purpose.
One angle, they could have explored was to have her been Webby’s guardian. She could have been a reporter following Scrooge and the nephews on their adventures.

I always wondered about what references, you may have incorporated in the script
“BAD THINGS COME IN THREES”. I can say your script would have been a beaut.

Joe Torcivia said...


Thank you for the kind words! One beauty about Blogs is that the posts never “go away”, unless the Blogger retroactively decides to remove them. So, you can always visit and “explore around” past posts to your heart’s content. I've done that with other Blogs I've discovered.

And, an aside to other Bloggers… It’s only because of “Comment Moderation” that I would even be aware that Adel (or anyone) has left a comment on older posts – that you may not have looked-back on in months, or even years. It also keeps out the Spammers, who might invade your older posts, completely unbeknownst to you.

Ultimately the HOUSE OF MOUSE Daisy, which I enjoyed for her ridiculousness, was a ratcheted-up (and simultaneously dumbed-down) version of Barks’ domineering self-centered version of Daisy. As opposed to the alternative “voice of reason” Daisy, who served as a contrast to Donald’s wilder moods.

I suppose that, without Donald, there wasn‘t much need for Daisy on DUCKTALES.

Finally, the script for “Bad Things Come in Threes” still exists and is ready for use, anytime some future publisher wants it! I REALLY liked that one, and I hope it gets published someday!