Saturday, September 15, 2012

Star Trek: “The Enemy Within” -- A TV Listing for Our Times!

Anyone familiar with STAR TREK knows the episode "The Enemy Within" (1966), in which Captain Kirk is split into his "bad" and "good" sides -- both of which (it turns out) are necessary in order to be a top commander.
This wonderful item below comes to us through the courtesy of friend Bruce Kanin!
How do you not love THAT?! 
Bruce also has a Blog (Go on and see -- I'll wait!) where he posts both funny and interesting stuff.  Give him some page-views and maybe he'll post more often!  That'll be a win-win for all of us!


Bruce Kanin said...

Thanks for posting that, Joe! And thanks for the blog-plug! (I must admit I've had trouble carving out time to post all that much on it - but The Adventures of Bloggerman is not done, yet!).

I love the image you included - the one of "dark Captain Kirk" with his mad face on (well, that was pretty much his only face). Contrast that with the image of Admiral Kirk in the grand movie "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" in which he screams "Khan!!!!" (If I had any clue how to paste it (the image), I would.)

Getting back to the doctored TV Guide entry that you so graciously posted... It was partially inspired by my new Midtown Manhattan office location, which is situated near both FOX and MSNBC HQs! As well, during these exciting election times, I occasionally switch between these two networks to see what polar opposites they are - and they are - just like the "dark" and, er, "light" Kirk!

As for the wonderful early-Trek "The Enemy Within", I believe I once did a parody version of that in which Kirk is split into his "straight" and "gay" sides. I'll have to look for it. If I recall, Yeoman Rand fared better in my parody than she did in the original... ;)



Joe Torcivia said...

And, thank you, Bruce, for my big laugh of the day! Once I saw it, I HAD to post it!

That, to me, is the great fun of Blogging! Finding something unexpectedly good like that, pairing it with an appropriate illustration(s), and putting it out there for everyone to enjoy.

Whether my illustration is that of the FOX Kirk or the MSNBC Kirk, will be left to each reader’s individual interpretation… though I have my own thoughts, as I suspect do you!

No matter which way the election goes… on the morning after, it’s bound to be ONE of them!

Shifting gears: BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD did a superb riff on “The Enemy Within” called “A Bat Divided”, in which the accident that created Firestorm also split Batman in THREE!

Calculating “Intellectual Batman”, intense “Physical Batman” – both of which are moderated by “Slacker Batman”.

““I’m what’s left without all that heavy personal baggage and science-nerd stuff! Groovy!””

Interesting in that “Intense” took the place of “Bad” and “Intellectual” took the place of “Good but Weak” (both aspects of the modern Batman) -- and that there would need be a Slacker-side to kep them both in balance!

Would those be FOX, MSNBC… and CNN Batman? :-)