Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Day of Respect is Here!

Some time ago, I wrote about Sniffles finally “getting respect” with the DVD release of LOONEY TUNES MOUSE CHRONICLES – on sale today! 

Check out THIS REVIEW of the set!  It appears to be even better than I expected! 

Look at all the EXTRA STUFF on Disc Two:  ELEVEN additional WB “Mouse Cartoons” ranging from 1935 thru 1967! 

And a new feature with Maurice LaMarche (of PINKY AND THE BRAIN – two mice more recently associated with Warners!) 
Despite the lack of Star Power (sorry Sniffles!), this may very well be the best Looney Tunes DVD set to be released in quite some time! 
Of course, Warner Home Video finds a way to let us down by providing NO content notes on or in the package (according to the review) – But, I’ll just take the info off the review and create my own label.   

Support this effort -- and let Warner know that sets without major characters will sell!  It's the best chance we have of getting Looney Tunes beyond Bugs, Daffy, and Tweety!

…And be back here later in the week for a new Looong Animation DVD Review in two parts!  Not this set... It'll be something else! 
Sniffles rules!   


Sniffles said...

Gee, Mr. Torcivia! I rule, huh? I really rule? I never ruled anywhere before! Do you know what country I rule? Do ya? Huh? I hope it's a country that makes lots of cheese, Mr. Torcivia! Do you like cheese? I like cheese! Mary Jane likes cheese too but she's allergic... :breathe: ...and last time she ate cheese she went to the doctor's office and they wouldn't let me in 'cause they said mice spread Contami Nation—do you know where Contami Nation is, Mr. Torcivia? Do ya? Huh? Do ya? Gosh, maybe that's the country I rule! Would you look it up in this 'cyclopedia, Mr. Torcivia? I can't open the 'cyclopedia myself because it's too big and heavy and I'm so little and—hey, what are you going over to the door for, Mr. Torcivia? Jeepers, guests! I like guests! Do you like guests? Why, it's Mr. Sylvester, and Mr. Claude, and Mr. Tom... does MGM know you're out, Mr. Tom?... Gee, why are you looking at me like that?...

...Whillikers, it's dark in here!

Joe Torcivia said...

Oh, Sniffles… You poor, poor thing!

Victim of an incredible, unthinkable conspiracy that I will reveal in my next post – later in the week!

It’s big enough to push the previously scheduled “Animation DVD Review” back a few days.

You, poor, poor thing… Alas!

ramapith said...

Uh-oh, something wrong with the DVD? Whilli—I mean, damn. (Haven't seen it yet, myself.)

Joe Torcivia said...

Nope! Nothing wrong with the DVD – beyond the incomprehensible lack of any contents listings on or inside the package. That’s a standard complaint of mine with MANY Warner Animation DVDs.

Indeed, content listings aside, this is one of the BEST Warner Animation DVDs outside of the Golden and Platinum Collections. Everyone should go out and get one! Support the lesser characters – and maybe we’ll get more of them.

This, however, goes way beyond the DVD package – and is actually brought to light by WATCHING the DVD.

…And, I’m gonna “blow it wide open” later in the week! You’ve been warned! :-)