Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It’s Coming! (with Brian and Stewie!)

Yes, everyone buy FAMILY GUY Volume Ten, coming September 25!   That’ll keep Seth MacFarlane and FOX from getting mad at us! 

But also join Brian and Stewie as they time travel back to 1962 for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of GOLD KEY COMICS – coming to TIAH BLOG this FRIDAY! 

UPDATE:  It's now HERE!
Bet ‘cha can’t wait to see how much they inadvertently change Gold Key history, can ya! 

Brian could talk Carl Barks out of retiring, giving us TEN MORE YEARS of great comics – at a time Gold Key needed them! 

And Stewie could eliminate the “Gold Key Comics Club”! 
Blast you!  I want back those SIX PAGES you’ve stolen from every issue to print juvenile drawings and jokesnone of which ever seem to be MINE... just sayin’! 

Damn you all, I want those pages back – NOW!” 

Not to mention his assault on the Whitman Plastic Bag distribution system…

What the deuce?!”  Why, these are COMIC BOOKS! 
"...But, they’re hanging from peg boards… in toy stores… as if they were bagfuls of cheap, unpainted plastic playthings manufactured by huddled hordes at slave wages! 
Are you people INSANE?! 

These are COMIC BOOKS!  COMIC BOOKS, dammit! 
Treat them with RESPECT… Not as if they were JACKS… or, …or, um… SLINGSHOTS… or whatever kids amused themselves with in this time! 

Begin treating them as COMIC BOOKS at once… or you’ll answer to me!”
Say, before they’re done, I might end up with an entirely different (and better) post than I started with for Gold Key's 50th.  Come back Friday – and see if they were successful. 

…Odds are, they WON’T BE – and you’ll get the same old post I’ve already written.  …But, ya never know! 

See you all on Friday!   I'll bring the post, you bring the comments!

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