Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Treasure of the Lost Storyboard!" ...Or, "I Thin' This is The End!"

One of our favorite Bloggers, YOWP, has put up a find for the ages… a storyboard to an unproduced Quick Draw McGraw cartoon!  See it HERE!

Presumably, it was written by the great Michael Maltese (as were ALL of the Quick Draw shorts) and, given that it was destined for the third and final season of the show, the subject matter indicates that it might have been intended as a possible final episode. 

Indeed, I wonder if that might be why it was shelved.  For what it’s worth, I would have LIKED it as the final ep. 

I’ll step aside now, but you can catch me among Yowp's commenters… exhibiting the UTTER GALL in daring to suggest alternative dialogue for something written by Mr. Maltese. 

You know, Michael Maltese... the guy who wrote the great Bugs Bunny cartoon "Rabbit Seasoning" with such wonderful dialogue as "Would you like to shoot him NOW... or wait 'till you get home?", and "Pronoun Trouble!"  And tons more!  THAT Michael Maltese!  

Say, who do I think I am, anyway, huh?  Somebody should give me what-for!  What-FIVE, even! 


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