Sunday, May 6, 2012

Time Flies – Even When You’re NOT Having Fun… AND They Leave Your Name Off The Credits!

It’s also been over a year since THIS!   

…And STILL nobody’s doing a damn thing to change it! 
…And they left my name off the freakin’ credits! 

Yeah, we can do this forever!  Why do you ask?


Ryan Wynns said...


With sufficient funding, I wouldn't hesitate to set up a publishing operation, buy the relevant license(s), and hire all of you guys! ( know who you are!) ;)

(...and, at last, I could bring about everything I've ever wanted to see happen, for at last, it'd all be mine, MINE, MINE!!!!!) :P (...but I assure you, I think [or at least hope!] that what I would do if I given my say is something that you'd find agreeable!)

...we only lives once. Why is there something that in part feels like guilt and in part feels like very heavy doubt that precludes me from doing at least some preliminary investigating of the logistics of this?

-- Ryan

Joe Torcivia said...

Count me in on the fulfillment of your dream, Ryan!

To that end, I hereby pledge to contribute the sum of ONE (1) DOLLAR toward your enterprise. In exchange for that, I expect to receive ONE (1) SHARE OF “WYNNS-STONE PUBLISHING” STOCK – with an option to be declared the majority shareholder at the time of my choosing – and completely subject to my whims. Say, why not RIGHT NOW! Ryan, get me some coffee!

It IS my Blog, after all – and I will do everything in my power to get the word out to other potential investors.

Indeed, if ALL of my Blog readers pony-up a similar amount (…with the knowledge that I’ve just declared myself “Majority Owner For Life”)… why, you’d probably have… TEN DOLLARS!

…Give or take a commenter or two! Now, about that coffee…

Ryan Wynns said...

...*gulp*...y-y-yes, sir, Mr. Torcivia, right away, sir, I'll get right on it, sir, I'll have it for you in no time flat, you betcha!

"Wynns-stone" ... I like the idea of that, though it reads (and rolls off the tongue) awkwardly. Ah, if only some part of my name could be used in conjuction with "stone" in a way that had the linguistic appeal, and the logic behind, "Gladstone" and Gemstone". ;)

..actually, "Wynstone" works -- as I just found, via Google, it's an actual name!

-- Ryan

Joe Torcivia said...

Yeah… Wasn’t that the cigarettes The Flintstones advertised? :-)

I’m STILL waiting for that coffee!