Monday, June 21, 2010

95 Hundred Wins on the Wall… 95 Hundred Wins…

…If one of those wins should happen to fall (due to recruiting violations, Supreme Court rulings, time stream anomalies, or what have you), 9,499 wins on the wall…

9,499 wins on the wall… Well, you know…

(Enters Hitchcock Mode)

Good Eve-ven-ing!

In this space, I’d promised more detail on the curious confluence of Messrs Alfred Hitchcock, Ray Bradbury, and Carl Barks… however, the best laid plans of directorial, prose fiction, and comic book legends often go astray. For that information, I regret you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

But, while you wait, you can pass the time with this milestone from our national pastime.

(Exits Hitchcock Mode)

Let’s congratulate our NEW YORK YANKEES on their 9,500th win.

In some sort of ironic symmetry – or is it symmetric irony, I keep confusing the two – the victory came at the expense of their Outer-Borough Rivals, the New York Mets.

CC Sabathia bested Johann Santana 4-0, with all the runs provided by a Mark Texiera grand slam. The win also put the Yankees alone atop the American League East.

Just like Hitchcock, Bradbury, and Barks were atop their respective professions. If you’ll forgive this rather awkward method of tying two topics together, I promise you an unusual find that artistically unites these men in a most unexpected fashion… later this week.

Good Eve-ven-ing!


Chris Barat said...


"9,500 Hundred"? Doesn't that mean, well, 9,500,000? Not even The Jetsons would get to see the Yankees reach THAT mark. Well, perhaps Lobo One Million would.


Joe Torcivia said...

Doggone it, Chris… You’re right, and (like many of the umpires in today’s game) I need to get my glasses checked!

I’ve since changed the title of this post to “95 Hundred Wins on the Wall” from its outlandishly erroneous “9,500 Hundred Wins on the Wall”!

You see, I just got this 23 Inch, widescreen monitor, and everything seems to be bigger than it used to be… even my Blog post titles!